Unleash the Wisdom and Power of a Thousand Lifetimes through Past-Life Therapy

to discover your soul's design and purpose within your current and past-life experiences.

How many lifetimes are expressed within your own?

Ancestral Memories… The Universal Collective… Genetic Expression… Past-Life Experiences… Regardless of your personal definition of why we have memories and impressions from other lives, the fact that they impact us every day is easy to see in the way we’re drawn to some things, repulsed by others, and even the way we aspire to make our mark in this world!

You see, each one of us carries many lifetimes worth of memories, talents, skills, hopes, pains, dreams, and desires within our very body and soul. These deep, primal soul memories are woven into each emotion, thought, reaction, and expression we have –even when we don’t recognize and understand them.

What does this mean for the here and now?

How is this influencing your health, wealth, relationships, and success today?

Your past-life memories and impressions can be your greatest source of pain or passion –it all depends on how you choose to explore and put to use the information written in your soul.

Past-Life Therapy is a window into a forgotten history where you’re able to gain insight into many core areas like:

  • Specific health issues
  • Relationship problems
  • Finding your soul’s purpose in the world
  • Relentless money trouble 
  • Career confusion
  • Family struggles

And so much more. 

Imagine what it would feel like to understand the method behind the madness you’re feeling in life right now.

To know why your life has gone the way it has AND to have the information needed to move through your problems and into alignment with your soul mission and purpose!

This is the beauty of Past-Life Therapy.

This is what it means to unleash the wisdom and power of a thousand lifetimes!

How will you reconnect to the wisdom within your soul?

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What Individuals Have Said About Their Past-Life Therapy Sessions with Joanne

Real Client Experiences

"I feel that I understand more clearly what I'm doing here, why I'm here, and what I need to work on with more conscious awareness."

Real Client Experiences

"It has given me a certain internal peace--an order and acceptance and understanding of my life and its purpose and struggles. Issues and problems don't feel like struggles so much anymore. Instead, they seem natural--things that I'm supposed to experience for a reason. There's a certain freedom in me now as I see the much broader picture and how my life now fits into a plan with other souls and other lifetimes."

Real Client Experiences

"This life-between-lives session reinforced my purpose and explains the flow of my life. Most of all, it has raised my awareness to want to stay in a mindful space as I take my journey."

Real Client Experiences

"This regression was most certainly divinely timed. It has given me so much insight into my own current feelings of guilt, abandonment and loneliness and has been a catalyst for healing."

Real Client Experiences

"Life is fuller, richer, more magical, and the past-life work is profoundly insightful in making sense of relationships and challenges and patterns experienced in this lifetime."

Real Client Experiences

"This session has been an affirmation of my perspective of the soul's journey in general--that life after life, we have many opportunities for healing. It has helped me to gain clarity about where I am in healing karmic issues that have surfaced in this life. I've had feelings of deep satisfaction with my life since the regression that have really stayed with me."

Real Client Experiences

"The regression has deepened my understanding of who I was, who I am, and who I am becoming. I feel more present, more compassion, and more love for the opportunity to be on this journey."

Real Client Experiences

"I was very happy with the past life I experienced because it explained a mystery to me that I had puzzled over my entire life."

Real Client Experiences

“Oh my goodness!   You really are The OG!!!!!!! This is so incredibly fantastic—- you got everything. Thank you so very, very much. After the session I felt elated for a few hours, and literally could feel a new spring in my step.  What a release!  Thank you so very much for enabling me to let go of that burden. You do amazingly wonderful work and are a true spirit healer.  I’m so very thankful to you for helping me to begin healing this and so thankful to my Guides for leading me to you, an absolute expert.”
Erin Sullivan