Escaping Her Feelings

Escaping Her Feelings

Deidre's Story

Deidre is a 51-year-old registered nurse who wanted to find the origin of her rare skin condition.  She regressed to 1717 as a young girl named Janine living with her father in Cornwall, England. 

The significant event in this life revolved around the two men who sexually molested her. She kept both incidents a secret from her father. 

When Janine died of pneumonia, she did not think about the molestation at the time of death, but later said she felt as though that issue was never resolved. “It was just there inside me. I kept it under and hidden.” She was convinced that her insistence on keeping the molestation inside is the cause of her rash in this life. “I’ve had skin conditions in some fashion since I was a little girl,” she said. “There is no history of that in my family. I just feel it is an “eruption” of unresolved and repressed issues from a former life.”  

Janine and Deidre had common experiences that Deidre feels triggered the onset of her skin condition. “I had left a man I lived with for ten years, not being treated well and sexual problems were the main causes of that breakup. My current skin problems began within months.” 

Deidre keeps buried unresolved feelings that need to be released. It’s like a dam with water pushing against the sides. The pressure was so great that portions of the water seeped through the crevices, like an infection seeping through pores of the skin. The skin condition, therefore, served as the reminder in the present to not repeat the old pattern—those deeply buried emotions that want to come to the surface that are being suppressed.