Are You Ready To Tap Into The Power Of Your Past-Lives?

What is Past-Life Therapy?

Past-Life Therapy is a sacred healing modality that is powerful and effective --even if you're not sure you believe in the concept of past lives. 

The deeply meditative state you're guided into allows your mind to shift from conscious functioning to subconscious functioning, where you're able to collect relevant information for clarity and healing in your session focus. 

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Past-Life Regression Session

A Past-Life Regression Session is designed to take you to the past life that is most impacting you now. You will revisit that life to uncover your identity, the significant event that is the origin of your present karma, and the members of your soul family who were with you in that life and who came back with you in this life to assist you in resolving your karmic debt and/or supporting you in your soul's mission.

You can choose from a traditional session (regression only), or you can do a combination regression and soul writing session, which adds the component of asking for additional guidance through soul writing at the end of the session. Joanne asks her Source for additional information to share with you and writes as you write. Then the information that came through the writing is shared and discussed. This second segment has proven to be a powerful complement to the regression session, providing the backstory of what you just experienced and often offering advice and encouragement from spirit on how to proceed. 

Rates are as follows: 

Past-Life Regression only.

From 1.5 to 2 hours. Includes transcript. $225 per session.

Past-Life Regression with Soul Writing.

Up to Two hours. Includes transcript. $250 per session.

Two hours with optional soul writing session at end of regression. Choose to
do the soul writing with Joanne, or if you feel overwhelmed or tired after the
regression, Joanne can do the soul writing on your behalf and send the
message she receives to you with your regression transcript. One way or the
other, you will get a soul writing message, either through you, through
Joanne, or through both!

Pre-Life Planning Session

A Pre-Life Planning Session will take you first to the past life that is most impacting you now; then return to the here and back out again through your childhood,  your infancy, into the womb, and then back to Spirit where you will revisit your spiritual home. There you will meet your primary guide who will lead you to a Council of Elders who will assist you in deciding which karmic issues you will bring into this life, and then the members of your soul family who will come forward to play a role in this lifetime.

The difference between the two is that the past-life session will explore the origin of the issues you're dealing with today by enabling you to see and re-experience them as they first occurred. This may be due to something done to you; something you did to someone else; a trauma you experienced; or the origin of a particular skill or talent you've brought in with you into this life. The Pre-Life Planning Session will provide you with an overview of how you and your guides determine which past-life issue(s) you would work on in this life and who would come forward to assist you.

Rates are as follows:

Pre-Life Planning Session.

Up to 3 hours. Includes a past-life regression and transcript. $300 per session.

Physical Karma Regression

Are physical and mental illnesses the result of karma acquired in a past life, and if so, does uncovering that lifetime lead to healing? The answer is yes!  The script for this session was first used in Joanne's yearlong research project for her book, Karma Can Be a Real Pain: Past-Life Clues to Current Life Maladies. This session is designed to find the origin of the chronic illness(es) plaguing you, such as arthritis; diabetes; joint and limb pain; head trauma; weight and digestive troubles; sexual dysfunction; skin conditions; liver and kidney issues; drug and alcohol abuse; mental illness; etc. If you are suffering from a chronic illness and have not gotten any relief from traditional methods, it may be because you haven't tapped into the origin of the condition. A Physical Karma session will help you find the buried past life that is the karmic source of your chronic condition, resulting in a healthier, happier life in the here and now--and beyond. 

Rates are as follows: 

Physical Karma Session. 

Up to 3 hours. Includes a body scan, past-life regression, soul writing, and transcript. $300 per session.

Life is fuller, richer, more magical, and the past-life work is profoundly insightful in making sense of relationships and challenges and patterns experienced in this lifetime."
"This regression was most certainly divinely timed. It has given me so much insight into my own current feelings of guilt, abandonment and loneliness and has been a catalyst for healing."
"This Pre-Life Planning Session reinforced my purpose and explains the flow of my life. Most of all, it has raised my awareness to want to stay in a mindful space as I take my journey."