Frequently Asked Questions

Why do a Past-Life Regression?

A past-life regression is a healing modality. It enables you to understand your soul’s journey, the choices you made in the past, and the multiple life experiences store-housed in your soul. By revisiting the past life most impacting you now, you can see the behavior patterns, attitudes, and souls who were prominent in your past life, and how all of that is playing a pivotal role in your soul’s current incarnation. This information is vital in giving you a unique perspective on why you have chosen the challenges before you. And that’s important because in knowing why your life is as it is, you come to see what changes you can make to complete each lesson and move forward without the weight of centuries of accumulated karmic debt. 

How many sessions do I need?

That’s up to you and how deeply you want to get details about a specific past life. I spent years working on one particular lifetime, but I’ve had others who have come in, had one session, and that was it. Obviously, we cannot cover an entire life in the course of one session, but you can get the most pertinent information to enable you to understand the connection of the past life to your current life and the origin of the issues you’re dealing with today.

Do you do phone consultations?

No. Due to the nature of the schedule I keep, it’s difficult for me to do phone consultations which is why I created these FAQs to answer commonly asked questions.  It is not necessary for me to know details about your situation ahead of your schedule, as I have factored in time for us to talk during the Intake Session that I do prior to your regression. I am happy to answer questions via email.

What happens during a regression session?

The first part of the session is focused on helping you enter an altered state of consciousness through deep breathing and relaxation suggestions. The goal is for you to feel the way you do when you first wake up in the morning. You’re in bed, motionless, with your eyes closed, feeling so comfortable you don’t want to move—but you could if you really wanted to. This is when the conscious mind has stepped back and the subconscious mind has stepped forward. Then, depending on which regression session you chose, the rest will proceed with me “interviewing” you by asking questions pertaining to that past life and giving you a chance to explore it in greater detail.

How do I know if past-life therapy is right for me?

The amazing thing about past-life therapy is that you don’t necessarily have to believe in past lives in order for it to work. All of us are working on issues in our lives, many of which we are clueless as to their origin. We keep asking why is this happening to me over and over when we can’t even pinpoint when it all began. Past-life regression goes directly to the origin—to the root of the issue. It shows you where it started and what your role was in that event. Then you’ll be able to clearly see a path to healing. If you have tried other methods of psychotherapy and you are still plagued with the question of “why?” then past-life therapy may be your key to going from “why?” to “Oh, I see!”

You offer several types of regressions. How do I know which one is right for me?
  1. While each regression will provide a positive outcome for you, they are slightly different in their focus. A detailed explanation of each session is on my website. I encourage you to read those descriptions carefully before booking. Allow your soul to guide you to the session that’s right for you. You can also take the quiz that will help pinpoint the right session for you.
Why is it important for me to know in advance what type of session I want?

There is preparation work on my part prior to your session, including pulling the appropriate script, downloading the worksheets and intake form, and preparing your file. Knowing which session you’ve chosen enables me to have everything ready in advance and to know how much time to allot for your appointment.

How do I book a session with you?

There is a convenient on-line calendar on my website that shows you the days and times I’m available for session. Pick the day in the time you prefer and I will send you a confirmation.

How much is each session and how do I get payment to you?

The amount of each session is included on the website. You can pay online by credit card.

If I want to do multiple sessions, do you offer a discount?

Yes, I have put together several bundle packages at discounted rates. See my website for details. 

I’m worried I will be making up the story I share with you. How can I be sure these are real memories as opposed to my imagination?

I can write a whole book on this topic, but let me ask you this. Would you make up a story, make an appointment with me, spend several hours telling me your story and then pay me for the privilege of listening? No, of course not. While I have had many clients express this concern, I haven’t had anyone at the end of a regression believe they made it up. Emotion is a key factor in identifying a true memory and is something I cannot make you experience through hypnosis.  

Do I have to pay the full amount if I am unable to see anything?

I have a very high rate of success and I rarely end a session because my client could not get through a blockage. I use all of my skills to help you get a positive outcome, but there are never any guarantees. I have three different scripts and will rotate through all of them in an attempt to find one that works for you, but this will be time consuming and may put us more than half-way through your allotted time. Therefore, if after trying all three scripts and you are still blocked, I will end the session without a refund.

How are the sessions done online?

I do my online sessions via ZOOM. I will send you a ZOOM invitation and all you have to do is click on the link. Be sure to download Zoom ahead of time and have some basic understanding of how it works, as I won’t have the time to walk you through it during our session time. If you are more comfortable using SKYPE, I can do that as well. As a last resort, we can also do it via FaceTime (except for Soul Writing).

Are online sessions as effective as those done in person?

More so! I have found that having clients connect in the comfort of their home lessens their anxiety, which is often compounded by the drive to an office and being in unfamiliar surroundings. At home you can be in a place where you feel safe and secure and curl up in your favorite chair or lie on your bed for maximum comfort. 

How do I physically prepare for the session?

Since it’s important that you’re comfortable, decide what chair/bed you will use, as these sessions can be up to three hours in length. Turn off your phone(s). Once you’re positioned, make sure your camera is lined up so I can see your face throughout our time together. You may want to have a light you can dim so that it’s low enough for you to focus but light enough so I can see you. As an option, you may consider wearing an eye mask. Keep tissues nearby in case you need it. Earphones and background music are both optional. 

Is there any way to practice for this?

If you have concerns about whether you will be able to follow along during the guided imagery, I suggest you listen to some meditation tapes to help you get in and out of an altered state of consciousness with ease. It is a lot easier than you think—all you have to do is relax and let go!

What are some tips to a successful session?

Surrender. Go with the flow. Say aloud the first thing that comes into your mind. Don’t try to edit or control it, as that will block the flow. Trust what you are seeing, hearing and feeling and use all of your senses. If you don’t see anything but you “have a feeling” about it, say that. There are no wrong answers. 

What safeguards do you put in place so I can feel confident about my experience?

I always say a prayer of protection for both of us and surround you in a bubble of white light to keep you safe from all things seen and unseen that are not for your highest good.  

What do I need for a soul writing session?

Nothing but a pad of paper and your favorite writing instrument. It’s best not to do it on a keyboard until you’ve gained experience doing it by hand.

Do you record these sessions?

No, but you will get a written transcript. You’re welcome to record it from your end.

What if I’m trying to heal trauma with past-life therapy, should I be worried about activating things?

First, remember that your soul will never subject you to something you cannot handle. Often when people experience blockages in a past-life session, that’s the reason. However, many do replay a traumatic event—from a devastating emotional loss, to a painful, tortuous death. Reliving those events has brought clients to tears. That is a sign it’s a real memory—not something you have made up. It is also a healing mechanism. Some therapists believe their clients should relive the trauma, over and over again, in order to lessen its impact every time it comes up. I am not one of those therapists, as my experience is that those traumas can be healed just as effectively through observation and understanding. During a regression with me, you will be given the suggestion that you are only observing the trauma, not a part of it, to help you step back and become more of a spectator. Understanding the origin of that trauma helps the healing process because in reviewing it, you can clearly see why it has repeated in this life, how you handled it (or did not handle it) in the prior life, and what you need to do to get beyond it. Forgiveness and healing work often is done at the end of a session. In letting go of the past, you can free yourself of that karmic issue and put it behind you, as you would a class you have completed in school. Past-life work is just that—work. But because it cuts through to the heart of the matter in the very first session, it provides a transformational path quickly, gently, and permanently.

What is your cancellation policy?

When you book your appointment, you are holding a 1.5 to 3-hour space on my calendar that is no longer available to me or to my other clients. No shows, late arrivals, and cancellations create an inconvenience for everyone. 

  • Cancellations made 48 hours or more in advance will receive either a full refund, or your payment can be applied to a rescheduled appointment.  
  • If you need to cancel less than 24 hours in advance because of a true, unavoidable emergency, your fee will be applied to a future or rescheduled appointment.
  • If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, or you miss an appointment without canceling, your payment will not be refunded. 

Your well-being is very important to me and I want you to have a profound and healing experience. I do my best to make sure each session is conducted to the full extent of my skills and abilities. As with any therapeutic modality, I can’t make any guarantees on a client’s experiences or results. As such, any refunds outside of these circumstances will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

I am currently seeing a therapist. Do I need to let him/her know I’m having a regression?

Yes. There may be reasons why your therapist may or may not advise a past-life regression at this time; may want to get in touch with me beforehand; or may give you his/her blessing to book the session. In either case, we can work in conjunction with each other, provided we are aware you are doing both types of therapies. 

I am on medication for a mental health condition. Is it safe for me to have the regression?

Yes, but keep in mind, any medication that slows down or speeds up your metabolism may have an impact on your ability to relax and get into an altered state of consciousness needed to explore your prior lifetime. A good test would be, if you are able to meditate while taking this medication, you should have no problem with the regression. 

What is the prayer of protection you say before starting a session?

Mother-Father-God. We ask that the divine light that emanates from the essence of your being descend upon us, surrounding us with an iridescent aura protecting us from all things seen and unseen that are in opposition to our greater good. We ask it and so it is.” 

Do you do readings?

No. A reading is when someone, usually a psychic or medium, tells you who you were a prior life. A regression is when you are guided by a reputable past-life therapist to get that information from your own soul. The danger of a reading is that the information passed on is filtered as it goes through the consciousness of the reader. As a result, they may implant a false identity into your consciousness, which then becomes your truth. This may become so embedded that it blocks your true identity from revealing itself. When that happens, healing cannot occur. Edgar Cayce said all answers lie within. Trust yourself. Trust your soul. Do the work and the outcome will be far greater than if someone spoon feeds the information to you.