A written form of meditation and soul communication.

Soul Writing™

Soul Writing™ is a written form of meditation. It is a transformational tool that gives the writer a perspective that otherwise would have eluded him/her when in a conscious state. It is a method of communication that accesses information from a higher source. Some people believe that source is God. Others credit their guardian angels or spirit guides, while still others believe it is their higher self or subconscious mind.

Regardless of your personal beliefs, it’s a valuable skill to develop and use for personal AND professional use. 

What You'll Experience

A composer sat in the audience, saying she had writer's block and could not write the lyrics to her latest song. After her second soul writing™ sessions, the lyrics came to her and the song was complete.

An attorney sat in the audience, saying she was very much an analytical, left-brain thinker. After her first soul writing™ session, she openly wept, saying she never thought such a profound message could come through her.

A woman sat in the audience, despondent over issues in her life for which there seemed to be no answers. After soul writing™ session she found her answers and her despair lifted.

This is the power of Soul Writing™! 

Edgar Cayce, the most renowned psychic of the 20th century, said it is everyone’s birthright to communicate with Source and listen to that still small voice coming from within one’s soul—a voice that guides and inspires us to find the answers that lie within. That is the essence of Soul Writing™.

Everyone can learn to do soul writing™—it is not something reserved for only a few. The method Joanne teaches includes relaxation (meditation), white light (prayer) of protection, setting an intent or question, and then allowing the writing to proceed. She outlines her process in her books and through her classes and workshops.

With Soul Writing™, you can get answers to any question you have. It's like having a 24/7 "phone home card" to spirit. Someone is always on the other end of the line, joyously providing guidance to help you get unstuck by providing a different perspective. Soul Writing can be applied to all aspects of your life, including soul's growth, psychoanalysis, healing, dream interpretation, past-life exploration, examining profound esoteric truths, and answering day-to-day questions about relationships, careers, health, finance, and more. The list is endless and the counsel is priceless.

Joanne has been doing soul writing™ for over 30 years and has found it an invaluable tool in her soul’s growth. There is no better way of uncovering that truth than through soul writing. 

As one of Joanne's research participants wrote: “This experience is a door opener that is extraordinary in its potential.”

Joanne teaches soul writing™ via Zoom for $175 per session (90 minute session). To schedule a private session, go to the online appointment booking button below.

Rates are as follows:

Soul-Writing™ Session

Up to 1.5 hours. $175 per session.

Before booking an appointment please read our Cancellation Policy

Soul Writing Message for March 2023

“My dear child we are with you in love and in light. Spring is a time of renewal. It may seem that
the world around you has grown cold and dark, and yet the opposite is true. Our Creator did not
create a dark and cold world–but one born of a divine light bringing a soul warmth and comfort.
Nothing stops this light from coming through. Nothing stops the warmth and comfort it brings.
Even when it is not apparent through the winter of the soul, it is still there and returns to the
surface in a burst of energetic color. Many souls are facing challenges,. Changes occurring are
frightening to some. Yet keep the faith that all is in the hands of a higher power and that higher
power operates from a place of unconditional love. When you walk outside this month, open your
eyes to the small bits of beauty surrounding you and understand that while it appears minute, it
is representative of a much larger whole. It is a microcosm of a perfected world where life,
beauty, enjoyment and the promise of a tomorrow are represented in a single petal of a flower or
the blossoming leaf on a tree. Hold tight to that, for it is ever there for you–part of the divine
promise to remain steadfast and true. Be a light bearer in a world of darkness. Be a truth seeker
in a world of lies. And your soul will be ever triumphant on this leg of your endless journey”


“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2020 and at that same time I experienced a spiritual awakening. I learned about your book Soul Writing. It resonated with me so much and is what I consider my first spiritual "teacher," helping me to find a way to connect with spirit again, and facilitated my healing to integrate my body, mind, and spirit. In coming to your work, I got a clear message from spirit that to heal from the cancer required not only healing the body, but my emotional and spiritual bodies too. Something about your work of soul writing may be the piece that I have felt missing, to encourage holistic healing of not just mind and emotions, but heart and soul, too.”
Oh, Joanne, I am so happy with the results of my Soul Writing!  On my first try, Spirit opened our conversation with "Dear One," and the next time "Beloved One!" It made me feel so loved! I feel as though I'm having a conversation with Spirit. Although I may start off with 1 question, inevitably Spirit's responses lead me to more questions and when I ask, Spirit answers my head and on paper. Thank you for bringing this wonderful experience to me. I am joyous to be in touch with Spirit.