Are You Ready To Tap Into The Power Of Your Past Lives and Soul Gifts?

To heal your chronic health issues and gain the wisdom they hold?

To change painful patterns with loved ones that seem to trip you up just when you think they’re over?

To fully understand and embrace the skills, attributes, and talents you hold within?

To explore and discover the wealth of information, experience, and wonder that forms your very soul?

Yes!? Then you’re in the right place because Past-Life Therapy and Soul Writing can do this and so much more!

NOTE FROM JOANNE: Since COVID, I closed my office and no longer offer in-person sessions. Now all sessions are done via ZOOM, with great success. I do not do sessions over the phone, as I must see you to monitor your progress. If you haven’t already done so, please download and become familiar with Zoom prior to booking an appointment.

Would you like to learn more about past-life therapy and Soul Writing?

Past-Life Therapy

  • Past-Life Therapy is a sacred healing modality that is powerful and effective --even if you're not sure you believe in the concept of past lives.

    The most frequent session goals revolve around health, relationships, career, and life purpose, but you can focus a session on anything you feel guided to explore.

    Learn more about the different Past-Life Therapy sessions below!

Soul Writing™

  • Soul Writing™ is a form of meditation in which one can have a written conversation with their higher self while bypassing their conscious mind.

    Most individuals choose to use this tool for tapping into their inner guidance, connecting with their Source, and finding inspiration and creativity to enhance talents and skills.

    Learn more about Soul Writing™!
Life is fuller, richer, more magical, and the past-life work is profoundly insightful in making sense of relationships and challenges and patterns experienced in this lifetime."
"This regression was most certainly divinely timed. It has given me so much insight into my own current feelings of guilt, abandonment and loneliness and has been a catalyst for healing."
"This life-between-lives session reinforced my purpose and explains the flow of my life. Most of all, it has raised my awareness to want to stay in a mindful space as I take my journey."

Booking Information

The length of sessions are approximate and fluctuate depending on how much information the client reveals. Sessions end when there is no more information forthcoming, but they are not ended because the allotted time has expired. If after three different scripts, the client is unable to see, sense, or feel anything, the practitioner reserves the right to end the session and assess a $50 service fee to cover time and effort.

Sessions are conducted via ZOOM and payment accepted by credit card at the time of booking via the "Book Now" appointment button or during the intake session prior to the regression. These sessions cannot be done over the phone. They are not recorded, but Joanne takes meticulous notes and will send you a written transcript. 

Joanne takes appointments weekdays and on select Saturdays with a minimum 48-hour notice. If you are interested in a session, you can view her appointment calendar at the top of this page and select the day and time you'd prefer. Keep in mind she is on the east coast so factor in the time difference. She will get back to you with a confirmation, supplemental information on how sessions are conducted, and a ZOOM invitation.