Arthritis Traced to Civil War Life

Arthritis Traced to Civil War Life

Jerry's Story

Jerry, a 68-year-old veteran, complained of arthritis in his thumbs. During a body scan, he identified memories of wounds in his thigh and to the right of his digestive organs, and a punctured right lung. He also recalled injuries to both thumbs and said his right thumb was tingling. 

Jerry’s regression led him to a Civil War past life in Virginia where he saw himself as John, an officer in the 32nd Virginia Infantry. “I’m on horseback,” he recalled. “My saber is drawn during a skirmish. I struck the hand of my opponent and severed his thumb…I tried to hit the hands of opponents rather than the body [so they] can’t ride, hold guns or wield a saber.” 

Gary’s case is an example of physical karma that is a direct reflection of a past-life act. “I do feel that the pain in both my right and left thumb joints are due to my past life practice of intentionally injuring the thumbs/fingers of my opponents while fighting them with sabers,” he admitted. “At present, I have experienced arthritis in no other part of my body. I feel this is a karmic debt I am now facing due to my past life’s view of how I would fight, intentionally wounding or disabling opponents with saber strokes aimed at their fingers and hands.”