Writer Interrupted

Writer Interrupted

Ellen's Journey

Ellen is an 81-year-old retired Special Ed teacher who wanted to explore why she was blocked from pursuing her passion for writing until recently. 

Her regression took her to France in the late 1870s when her name was Amalie Boufount. She was married to an older, abusive man named Jacques who disapproved of her writing. 

Although she kept her writing hidden, he found it and after reading it, became infuriated, took away her writing papers, ordered her never to write, and beat her multiple times into submission. 

She described life as very fearful and painful, physically, emotionally, and mentally. When she died at age 53, her last thoughts were “I’m free.” When asked about unfinished business from that life, she quickly replied, “My writing.”. 

A similar pattern emerged in her current life. Jacques incarnated as her current husband and although he did not beat her, he used other methods to dissuade her from writing. 

It wasn’t until he died that her writing career flourished. Ellen’s story is one of a negative imprint on a soul, but her spirit could not be defeated, so strong was her desire to express her thoughts and share life’s wisdom. 

Her life as Amalie set the stage for all the books that are streaming out of her now. Had she not had her negative experiences as Amalie, she would not have the depth and profound nature of her writing come through. 

Ellen has found a way to draw upon past-life wounds to present lessons for the present-day reader. Her writing has blossomed to fulfill the life’s purpose from before that was so cruelly stopped short.