Understanding Reincarnation Language

Understanding Reincarnation Language

Over the holidays, I had a conversation with a close relative who had undergone a painful divorce. He stated that his ex-wife had gotten into “spirituality” and decided that he didn’t fit the definition of her soul mate or twin flame and left him because of that. I knew immediately that she neither understood what true spirituality is, and she especially had no clue about the nature of the soul mate or twin flame relationship. As a result, he called the entire idea of a soul mate or twin flame, nothing but “crap” and became quite bitter about what a “spiritual” practice was all about.

I was deeply saddened by this because it was all based on a misinterpretation of what the terms “soul mates” or “twin flames” really meant. She had equated spirituality with collecting gemstones and tarot cards. It was no wonder she did not know what it meant to be with a soul mate or twin flame. To use a false definition of a sacred term in order to end a relationship and hurt another soul so profoundly was the antithesis of what a spiritual person would do.

It got me thinking about how careful I have always been when using terms that are commonplace among those who study metaphysical concepts and those who follow a more mainstream path. There has always been a fine line between the two and I seldom cross it unless I get a signal from the other party that they are open to that type of profound exploration. The woman in the case above never approached me to discuss any of this, although she knew very well what line of work I was in and what I believed in.

I see this misinterpretation, based on lack of knowledge, going on constantly in my work. Many people come to me with misguided ideas of what a past-life regression is all about. They believe a regression is a “reading.” Some come to learn about soul writing, but consistently refer to it as “automatic writing.” Like that woman, some people believe they only have one soul mate and make that all about a romantic relationship, when in fact, you have more than one soul mate and they are not always a romantic partner.

This is what has led me to work on my next book: “Why are there so many Cleopatras? Answers to Commonly Asked Questions about Reincarnation.” This book is taking the top questions about reincarnation and devoting an entire chapter to the origin and meaning of its terminology. In the meantime, I would strongly suggest that each of us pause and use the same caution I’ve applied in my everyday life. Don’t throw terms around unless you truly know what they mean. You may think it’s harmless to do so, but in the case of my dear relative, it can be very hurtful indeed.



“My dear child we are with you in love and in light. The quietness of winter enables more souls to go within and to ask the kind of profound questions they have long sought to get answers to. Spirit is always available to answer those questions, but you need to ask the question first before the answer can be forthcoming. You were never meant to be alone. You were never meant to be on the earth plane with no guidance, for guidance is something always available to you every moment of every day. You often wonder why messages come through at three in the morning. That is because it is then that the world is quiet and that still small voice within can be heard over the din that overshadows all life in the midst of day. Yet no matter what time of day, if you would but quiet yourself. Find a place to sit, undisturbed. Surround yourself in a bubble of light and say a prayer of protection. Then put pen to paper and wait. Sit in that silence until such time that spirit presents itself to engage in a dialogue with you. No special skill is needed. Just a commitment on your part to engage with spirit on a consistent basis. The answers are there. They’ve always been there. But you need to ask. Just ask. We are with you always.”