Returning to a Past-Life Home

Returning to a Past-Life Home

One of the questions I ask clients at the end of a pre-life planning session is to list memory triggers–those “flashes” they get in this life that are connected to a prior lifetime. These are things you resonate to, but you may not know why because there’s nothing in your current life to make sense of them. As someone who came into this world to work on karma from an 18th century Virginia lifetime, I brought in with me numerous memory triggers to jog my memory about that life so I would know that was the life I was to work on in this life. Probably the biggest memory flash of all was my emotional attachment to certain locations here in Virginia.

Now, many people have attachments to places. For instance, if you find yourself going back to the same place over and over again when you’re on vacation, chances are it’s because your soul is being drawn there from another life. There’s something about the desert. Something about the ocean. Something about the architecture. Something about the climate. The list goes on and on. When you go to that special place, you can actually feel a physical reaction to it. It may be a positive or negative reaction, but it’s a definite response to you being in that particular place.

That’s what I experienced when I first came to Virginia in 1971. I had never been here before, but was responding to a comment one of my history professors had shared with me–that I had the most “uncanny” feel for the 18th century of any student he ever had. I wondered what that meant so I decided to find out for myself. I planned an after-graduation trip, starting in Richmond, VA and ending in Boston, MA. I mapped out every 18th century historic location I could include on the trip. At that time, I had a special interest in John Adams, so I was sure if I were to “feel” anything, it would be in Quincy. Was I ever wrong!

When I landed in Richmond, I felt nothing. Actually, I was repulsed by what I saw. However, the first leg of my trip took me to Charlottesville and that’s where I was bombarded on both an emotional and a physical level that I could not explain. I was young and in excellent health, so why was I getting heart palpitations and feeling my legs were like lead weights and difficult to walk up the steps of a certain historic location?  Why did I want to cry? Why was I incensed at the docent’s comments while on tour? Why did I already know where everything was and what it was used for before she said anything? And why did I feel a collective sigh from the bottom of my soul that I was “home” again? It made no sense.

These feelings resurfaced to a lesser extent when I went to Williamsburg, but it did not occur anywhere else on our trip. Nothing in Washington or Philadelphia, or New York, or Boston. It only happened in Virginia. I chose to ignore it. Returned home. Got married. Had a family. And pretty much went to sleep about those memories. When Shirley MacLaine’s Out on a Limb was broadcast as a mini-series in 1987, I remembered that feeling I had in Virginia. A friend of mine knew a channeler and so I asked her to ask about that trip when she saw her next. I had some inkling about that life, but nothing concrete. Comments from that channeler opened the floodgates and sent me on a karmic journey that still has ramifications today. It was so strong, I moved to Virginia in 1995 and now live in the shadow of my past-life home and have met many members of my soul family who were with me back then.

You don’t need a regression to identify a past-life home. Some people have seen them quite clearly in dreams. Others recognize they are drawn to a particular country or state. Perhaps you have a fascination for a particular culture. Your personal belongings may echo that fascination. Maybe you cannot stand a particular cuisine. Perhaps you resonate to a particular religious belief. So many of these memory triggers, each designed to help you uncover the truth of who you are and where you lived in a significant past life.

What are your memory triggers? Make a list and see if you can determine a pattern and then think back on your current life for other clues. They’re there. They’ve always been there. Put on your detective hat and uncover all the clues to unlock who you were and who you are now.