Common Themes Arise in Regressions

Common Themes Arise in Regressions

Over the last few months, I have been averaging 10-12 regressions a week. I never know going into them what will be revealed, but I have learned to pay attention when patterns arise. From the sessions I have completed, I have found a few interesting correlations.

First, clients are sharing similar past-life experiences. Considering my clients are from all over the world, hearing someone in Kansas relay a story that I just heard from someone in Australia, does give me pause. One of the strongest of these recurring patterns is happening among women (or men) who recall a past life in which they were forced to do something they didn’t want to do and ended up being miserable because of it. The most common circumstance is being forced into an arranged marriage. So many in that situation repeat over and over that they didn’t want to be married, they wanted to choose their own life, they weren’t being heard, they weren’t being their authentic selves, and how all they could think about was how to escape. Some committed suicide. Others ran away. Others endured it and died at a young age. But all in all, their experiences reflected the common theme of being subjugated by someone else’s will and not being able to exercise their own free will in the pursuance of the life they designed.

Another common theme is the difficulty of life. So many of my clients repeat the phrase “It’s so hard” when referring to their lives. “It’s hard. I don’t want to do this,” is said more times than I can count. They continue to express that frustration until the life is over and then in reviewing that life, understand the reason for the hardship they endured as part of the lesson their soul chose to learn in that life.


Probably the most common question on the minds of clients entering into a regression is–“Why am I here?” They sense they have a specific purpose, but they’re not sure what that is, or say they are stuck. Even those who have an inkling of what that is, say they have no clue about how to go about manifesting it.

I have learned that human beings are experiencing the same growing pains in this particular time in history. When I talk to someone in Japan who has the same issues as someone in the Netherlands, I realize that there is no separation between us. We truly are one, connected to each other by that silver thread that keeps us tethered to each other. If only everyone understood that.

But there is some reassurance with all of this and that is I sense there are a tremendous number of light workers here. It’s as if our Creator decided to send in the big guns, knowing how much humanity would need them at this time. In my dealings with them, I am comforted by their presence. These are genuinely good, loving people who are here to be in service. We are not alone on this journey, so no matter how difficult things get, know that we’re not abandoned. There are souls here with the specific purpose of keeping us on track and showing everyone the path of light leading us upward.

I am grateful and humbled by my work and by the scores of souls who have found their way to me so I can help jumpstart them on their way to healing, accelerating their soul’s growth, and contributing in their own way to the sacred stewardship of our planet.