Turning Past-Life Memories Into Novels

Turning Past-Life Memories Into Novels

I have had many clients whose past-life memories are so rich with visual  detail, coupled with a compelling story, that they could easily be mistaken for a plot in an intriguing historic novel. Some have indicated to me that they intended to research their past lives further and then write what they will claim is historic fiction. And indeed, that has happened. Even I did that– although I never published it.
There is precedence for this among famous writers. Joan Grant was one such writer that I was drawn to when I first began to seriously look into my past lives. Joan, who passed in 1989, was an English writer of historical novels and an avowed reincarnationist. Her first and most famous novel, Winged Pharoah, was published in 1937 While the book was acclaimed by The New York Times as “A book of the idealism, deep compassion and spiritual quality pure and bright as flame,” what few understood at the time was that book was anything but fiction. Joan claimed to have recalled the events she wrote about in the book while in a trance-like state, dictating the details of a lifetime she believed she had lived. This book was followed by many other “historical fantasies” or as Joan called them, “Far Memory books” or “previous life autobiographies.”
According to her biography in Wikipedia, Joan believed she had been reincarnated at least forty times and that her far memory of past lives provided her the base material for her historical novels. She claimed to have an unusual gift of “far memory” – the ability to remember previous lives, and
something she referred to as “sensory awareness.” She said that she experienced many realities that are not available to most people.

A collection of Joan’s previously unknown writings was published as Speaking from the Heart: Ethics, Reincarnation & What it Means to Be Human in 2007. The book contains poetry, essays and a series of lectures she gave at Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) in Virginia Beach. She had a reputation for talking and writing with clear certainty about her belief in other realities, past lives, and death. She said that for her, the veil between the “worlds” simply did not exist. In her book, Many Lifetimes, she explained how she supposedly remembered her own and others’ past lives. She also wrote several children’s books which contain stories she claimed she was told in past lives.

After a regression, I am often asked–well, what am I supposed to do with this information? The answer could be….write a book!