So…what if it’s not true?

So…what if it’s not true?

The validity of a past-life regression is something that crosses the mind of nearly every client I’ve ever worked with. Heck, it crosses my mind as well! That’s only natural, because the information that comes from a regression is usually very foreign to us. Where did it come from? Did I make it up? Why this time period? Why this issue? Am I forcing this imagery? What the heck….!!!

I have had some clients who have taken what information they receive in a regression and then play detective and try to uncover as much proof about that life as possible. This has included a client whose family died in a plague in London. She researched to see if there was, indeed, the plague she described in the year she recalled it, and that turned out to be true. Or the client who saw herself in a monastery in some remote area of Europe. Her research uncovered that exact monastery, just as she described it. In my case, I participated in a joint regression about 30 years ago. Joint regressions–that is regressing two people at the same time to see if they had a past-life together–are not common and are often difficult to pull off. In my case, it proved that the life I supposed I had, was true, as the other person being regressed (a stranger to me at that time) was seeing and experiencing the exact same things I was revisiting in my mind’s eye. Chilling to say the least.

Most people don’t find individuals who come forward to say–“I recognize you from another lifetime,” but for those who do, it is a validation of what you had been suspecting all along. It also eases your mind away from the thoughts that you’re crazy. After all, if someone else remembers you, especially if you never met them before, are they crazy too? Maybe we’re all crazy and crazy is the norm!

Past-life regression, like so many other things in our life, is based on faith, trust and a belief in yourself. Your soul will never lie to you. The Akashic Records cannot be altered. If you lived it, said it, did it, felt it, etc., it’s in there and no amount of cajoling on your part will erase any of it in favor of a report you feel is more advantageous. So going to the Akashic Records, as Edgar Cayce did, pulling down your Book of Life and reading it, will give you an honest accounting of your soul’s journey. Whether you wish to explore it further in this life, in terms of visiting locations or trying to find members of your soul family who shared that life with you, is up to you. I’ve done both and it only solidified my adamant belief that what I had experienced was indeed real.

I like to think of past-life regression as going on a Magical Mystery Tour. You don’t know the destination when you board the train, but once you arrive, it’s familiar territory and you are grateful for the tremendous insights and profound understanding of life that it brings. Up for a trip? I’m here when you’re ready to go!

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