A Child Remembers Her Last Hours on the Titanic

A Child Remembers Her Last Hours on the Titanic

While I rarely work with children on their past lives, I do have colleagues who do. Back in 1997, I was working with my good friend and colleague, Karen Cersley. At that time, I had my past-life research and education organization and was publishing a quarterly professional journal. I recently pulled out that journal and found an article I published in the Summer 1997 issue about Karen’s 10-year-old daughter, Kara. Kara had a regression session with her mother that took her to relive her last moments on the Titanic. I share that article with you now, as its timelessness reflects lessons learned from any given lifetime.
Introduction by Karen Cersley
“On February 11, 1996, my daughter, Kara, underwent a past-life regression for the first time at the age of ten years. . . . This was to be just a general past-life exploration with my helping her facilitate wherever her soul wanted to go. Much to my astonishment, her dialogue started providing answers for her very opinionated rejection of our family possibly taking a cruise to the islands one day. Since she was approximately four years old, she has stated she did not want to take a cruise even though she is the little girl who plays in the swimming pool like a little mermaid and has absolutely no fear of the water. She would go out in our little rowboat in the fishpond, but she emphatically told us she did not want to go on a big ship as she was afraid she would either fall overboard or the ship would sink.
After the regression, we further discussed the session and even more memories were recalled as though suddenly remembering bits and pieces of a dream. Soon after our session, Kara composed her memories in much greater detail than what she verbally shared during the session. She has
written her memories as follows:

Kara’s Story

I was riding on a train wearing a suit that didn’t look modern. It was more like a suit with a puffy shirt and a long skirt and my hair was up in some type of bun. I had a hat that cocked to the side and crossed below one of my eyes. I believe I was a teacher in my forties taking a once-in-a-lifetime vacation by myself. The train had just stopped and we walked off. As the fog drifted around me, I was standing there by myself with a suitcase in my hand. It seemed as though someone had brushed a cloud of dust upon my face and whirlwinds blew around my covered arms. Somehow I was then near a dock and was loading my bags and giving them to this man and it was a bit chilly
as I did not wear a coat. I was walking up to a giant boat with a black bottom and there were a lot of people going toward it. I craned to see the part of the boat where the name was painted and it was far too hard. It became blurry and I only saw one part….a “T”. Perhaps another letter would have shown if one person would have moved. Suddenly I saw the whole word, ‘Ti…..,
Titanic’,I said to myself in a loud voice. A man looked at me, but I don’t think my voice meant much of anything to him.  
As the Captain shouted aloud, “All aboard!” I rushed toward the boat just to be the first one on the boat eager to see what the boat might look like, all the fringes upon the beds, all of the beautiful linen lace tied around the curtains. I couldn’t wait. It was my voyage. It was the only voyage that I
would ever take…it was the voyage. As I boarded from the dock, many people were excited, many people were sad and of course, as we know, babies were crying and I was very frustrated about that. Otherwise, the smell of salt was in the air and it was quite breathtaking even though I was only a few feet above the water. As I gazed down once again at the land, I faithfully said goodbye to it, not knowing what was ahead of me. A baggage boy told me to go to my room until dinner and then he led me down a long hallway to my room. As the bags were placed gently up against the wall, I looked at the bed and there was a circular window beside it, a porthole perhaps. I gazed out of it as the ship began to sail. Seagulls waved me goodbye as I took a glance at the land and thought to myself, ‘Is this where I’m supposed to be?’ After taking a nap, I unpacked my bags and  eventually got ready. I changed into a maroon bustle-looking dress with a cameo at my collar. I escorted myself down the hallway and went to the dining room where I could hear music and some people were dancing. The
dining hall was glorious. I could almost have stood there for hours looking at the beautiful structure of it, but of course, I knew I was very hungry and the food looked so good.
[Note: Kara next described dinner a few nights later].
A very handsome man approached me. He had a beard and mustache. His name was John. What a plain name! But anyway, he asked me to dance and we danced for a few moments and it was wonderful. Nothing could be better than this. But suddenly as we were dancing, we felt shaking and we stopped for a moment. It got louder. It got harder and it got more fierce. We could hear something like sirens going off and it was loud and we couldn’t hear much of anything else. The ship’s captain came in and said for all of us to go to the top deck. We didn’t know what was happening and at first thought possibly there was a small fire or something. I couldn’t find my dancing partner, John, and there were so many people standing around me that I didn’t know. Most of the people were very afraid, although some seemed very calm. I was scared that I would never get home. Before I knew it, I was on the top deck looking over a balcony. People were lowering boats and rafts into the water. They said that some people would have to use life rafts or life jackets to swim back to some of the
boats because all of the boats had gone down into the water. When I was trying to get my life vest on, all of this water came up on the top deck and I fell over into the water without having fastened anything to me. The life vest . .  . actually not a life vest, but more like a ring of some kind, had been
in my hand and when the water came up, I became so scared, I just jumped. I couldn’t see anything and I couldn’t breathe. My cheeks were starting to hurt because I was trying to hold my breath. I didn’t know how to swim and I just kept floating down and a lot of people were coming down with me and pulling me further down. I was just so scared, I fainted. After having fainted, I woke up and I don’t understand how I did. I did not think I was alive, but I woke up. I was under water and it seemed like day and I could see lots of fish swimming around and the boat was still there. I could see pieces of clothing like waist coats floating by. The water was freezing and there were little bits
of ice coming from the top. It was so cold and I figured that if I just swam to the top, I still would have no life vest or ring. So I just kept falling, and finally laid down in the sand. I just laid own on the bottom of the ocean and put my head down slowly and just closed my eyes. I wasn’t dreaming, but it was like dreaming without breathing. That’s the last thing I could see and I just couldn’t remember anything else. When I recalled this to my mother in a past-life session, she asked me at the  end if I had learned any lessons from that lifetime. Two things came to mind: (1) to be fair and (2) to try and relax when others may panic. I also tried to remember if I had ever been with John before this incident or afterwards, and I do not believe so. I would be interested in exploring this again with hypnosis as there are more details I would like to gain. I only have a portion of my name (or what I
believe my name was) even though my mother asked if I was wearing any engraved jewelry or if my initials were on my suitcase. Unfortunately, no clues there.
Of all things, I recently told my mother that I would actually now consider
going on a cruise ship as I don’t believe this would happen to me a second
time! Miracle, huh?