The Revolving Door of the Souls in Your Life

The Revolving Door of the Souls in Your Life

When I do the intake portion of a private past-life regression session, I ask my client to identify anyone in her or his life now who has had a significant impact on them. It could be that these people introduced them to a new way of thinking, changed their perspective, or created a series of events that altered the trajectory of their life’s path. This could be someone who is currently in their life, or who came in and left. The significant event could be viewed as something positive, or negative, depending on one’s perspective.  The reason I ask this question before we begin the regression is because often these same souls will appear in the prior lifetime. After all, we travel together as a soul family–a pod so to speak–and have been together from the beginning of time. Therefore, we know each other on the most intimate levels because we’ve been a witness to all that each of those in our “pod” has experienced from one lifetime to another.
These souls will, of course, look different. They may be a different gender and play a different role, i.e. your mother in this life could have been your brother in a prior life, but the essence of their soul remains the same. You can sense they are the same soul. Something about them feels familiar to
you. This is why, at the end of the regression, clients usually can identify someone from their prior life as someone specific in their current life. For those who go further and do the pre-life planning session, they can identify the lessons those souls agreed to teach them in this life. You not only know who decided to join you in this life, but why they came in. What role are they  playing? Is it to balance the karma of something that happened before? Or is it to continue the pattern you two set up that was never resolved?

We often assume that should these souls leave our lives, they won’t return– at least not in the life we’re currently living. But that’s not always true. Sometimes, souls will come in, do the work they agreed to do with us, leave, and then come back–sometimes many years later. This may happen if we set up the lesson during our initial time together, and then agree to separate for a while as we work through that lesson on our own. Once we have done that work, we are free to  return to each other to continue our journey together. 

This is why so many close friendships and relationships end abruptly, with one party not necessarily understanding what happened to disrupt the relationship, only to be surprised that ten years later, they reunite as if nothing had ever happened.  I have experienced this several times. At the  time the relationship ended, there was enormous sadness, confusion and regret, but upon reflection, I could see the tremendous opportunities the issues from that relationship provided me in terms of my soul’s growth. Once I completed my internal work in resolving, healing, and forgiving those involved
(myself included!), the soul I was so attached to who provided that lesson, returned–all the better for having worked on their issues as well! 

So revisit the relationships and friendships in your life that ended, especially those that ended when you least expected it would and for reasons you did not understand at the time. Review the time spent apart. What did you learn? Did you resolve the issues that contributed to the breakup? A good
sign that you completed your part of the mission would be the fact that these souls have returned to your life. If not, you may still need to do a little more work in that regard, or it could be that their mission was complete and there was no need to return. In either way, it’s a matter of free will on both a conscious and subconscious level. I can tell you from my own experience, however, that there is a tremendous amount of gratitude expressed when you understand why souls come in and out of your life, especially if it is divinely orchestrated that you reunite once more. There is a deep, profound love on a soul level there that cannot be replicated. I am appreciative of those lessons in my life and I know you are, too!