Recreating the Past to Heal the Present

Recreating the Past to Heal the Present

I recently had the pleasure of working with a client who had one of the most clear examples of physical karma that I had encountered in quite some time. I asked if I could share her experience and she agreed.

Callie (not her real name) experienced a serious fall in April that injured her leg and curtailed her ability, not only to work as a docent at the National Art Gallery, but to sit comfortably to play the piano.

In the regression, Callie went back to a life as Annalee, a female living in Paris in the 1880s. Her parents were wealthy and well known in the artistic community. They counted Rodin among their friends and Callie spoke of her fondness for him as well as for Camille Claudel. Callie was a gifted pianist and reveled in the art scene.  When she was a young teenager, she had an unfortunate accident. As she raced down the stairs to answer the door, she tripped on her skirt, and fell, resulting in a broken leg. It took years to heal and in that time, she was unable to play the piano or pursue her artistic talents. Her parents arranged a marriage for her to Jacques, a family friend she did not love. Jacques was a cruel man. He had affairs and constantly made fun of her leg, taunting her that no one else would have married her.

In this life, Callie recreated much of the same circumstances of her prior life. She was once again a pianist. She was once again in the center of the artistic community. And she once again had a serious fall and broke her leg. The clues as to why she chose to work on issues from this life are contained in the last thoughts Annalee had when she died. She said: “Life filled with regret, wrong choices—parallel in this life. Realizing too late that a choice I made was not the right choice. I had given up opportunities for perfect moments. Regret—heavy feeling of so many regrets. I didn’t need to do what I needed to in that life. I had abilities I didn’t pursue. Decisions made for me. Looking for loving relationship but had arranged marriage. Decision making process.”

I asked Callie to reflect on Annalee’s life and why she felt the physical lessons were repeating. She said: “Annalee never recovered from that leg injury. It destroyed her sense of self. Became this bigger-than-life problem and it was just a leg. I feel that I need to overcome this leg problem in that I can overcome it and it doesn’t have to define this life as it did. It’s terrifying in this life, but I feel like the work is in resolving this problem. It’s as if that life, because of that broken leg, I allowed it to manifest to stop me from doing what I wanted to, so I had horrible regret. I could have been stronger in terms of recovery; figure out a way to play the piano (I’ve figured it out now). I gave up my music in that life. Awful. Spent time with a man I didn’t love and didn’t love me. Made fun of my leg. I gave the leg power and it didn’t have to be that way.”

Callie said that after our session, she felt as if a great burden had been lifted from her and she said she felt lighter. She had a more optimistic view of what happened to her, understood the decisions she needed to make to break free of that karma. I have no doubt she will do just that.