Past-Life and Current-Life Parallels

Past-Life and Current-Life Parallels

One of the last questions I ask at the end of a past-life regression, is for the client to put the past life they just visited next to the current life they are living and to find any parallels or behavior patterns that are similar in nature. What is it about that past-life that is similar to the life you are living now? Maybe it’s there in black and white and you can see it clearly. But maybe it’s a bit clouded and you have to clear away the mist to see it. That is where the guidance from a skilled past-life regressionist comes in. Often we can clearly see what our clients may not initially see, and we can ask the kind of questions that will help them remove the fog.

Sometimes it can be something the client may miss, like an attitude about something or someone. If they are asked how did they feel about that life, and they say, “it was a waste of time,” that attitude is often brought into this life as they linger in a state of hopelessness or depression without truly understanding why. The “should have” expression is another powerful carryover. “I should have loved more,” “I should have pursued my desire to be a healer.” “I should have acted on my desire to see the world.” Lots of “should haves” get carried over.

Past-life regressions help a person under the “why” of their life. Why do they feel that way? When did that behavior pattern start? Why are you dealing with weight issues in this life? Oh, it’s because I made fun of obese people in my past life. Why do you have the yearning to be a healer in this life? Oh, it’s because I can see myself in the forest gathering herbs to make a healing potion so I must have done this before. Why are you so nostalgic when you walk the streets of Williamsburg, Virginia? Oh, it’s because I lived there in my last lifetime.

The Universe works in a very logical way. There are always, always satisfactory answers to whatever questions you are pondering about your life, and often those answers are rooted in a prior lifetime. Once you are able to identify the source of the existing issue, you can bring it forward to heal it and once healed, you no longer have the burden of that karmic guilt to contend with. Past-life regression is, in my opinion, the most powerful of all healing modalities, often securing the necessary healing after only one session.

So, if you are wondering about the prior life that is impacting your current life, book a past-life regression. If you are wondering about the origin of whatever chronic illness you’re dealing with now, book a physical karma regression. If you are wondering about how your current life came to be, book a regression with pre-life planning session. The answers are there. They’ve always been there. All you need do is have a sincere desire to do a little exploring, and you’ll find that which you seek!