Don’t Blame Anyone…You Did It To Yourself!

Don’t Blame Anyone…You Did It To Yourself!

Recently I heard from some young adults who went into therapy because, according to them, the source of their problems came from their childhood and more specifically from their parents. It reminded me of the reason I did my pre-life planning session research project for my book, “I Did It To Myself….Again!” Working with individuals who revisited their time in spirit, prior to coming into this life, it was obvious to them that they set up their lives with the deliberate intention of learning specific lessons. The souls who agreed to come in with them, especially their parents, did so with the understanding that they would present opportunities for those lessons to appear–sort of the conduit through which karmic issues appeared.

You have read or heard me say many times that the choice of parents is ours. We determine who we want as a mother or father and in selecting them, we know in advance what the socio-economic conditions of our new life will be; what race we will be; what country we will live in; what religion we’ll be raised in; whether we’ll be prone to illness; whether we’ll live in poverty or be well off.  Will we select parents who are healthy, wealthy and wise–who are kind, loving and generous? Or will we select parents with substance abuse and mental health issues? All of those factors go into our choice of parents. But so does free will.

As parents, we act as the portal through which souls enter a physical body. We create the theater for those souls to experience childhood and grow to maturity. In that sense we are providers and protectors. We do the best we can, flaws and all. Our true parentage is that divine source from which all of creation emanates. At some point, we need to embrace this and understand that the road we’re on is one that has twists and turns, all designed to enable us to experience the ups and downs of the journey. But we are the ones who decide whether to go left or right, up or down, stop or continue. We need to look at what is in front of us and make up our minds as to how we are going to proceed, and not wallow in the blame of those around us. Sure, I can say my parents did this or that, or didn’t do this or that, or I wish they had done this or that, etc., but that really isn’t my call. It’s how I responded to those set of circumstances that matters. Believe me. I’m just like you–still working on that! It’s hard to remember that when you’re in the midst of a crisis that you perceive was initiated by someone else’s actions. There are lessons in everything that happens in our lives. Just take the time to step back for a moment, ask what this is trying to teach you, embrace the lesson and then–and only then–will you be truly free to move on.