Love is the One Thing That Survives Death

Love is the One Thing That Survives Death

You’ve undoubtedly heard that there is nothing from this mortal life you can take with you to the afterlife except for one thing–love. In working with past-life clients for more than thirty years, I have discovered there are a myriad of emotions we are dealing with from prior lives and some of them are painful and challenging–like resentments, betrayals, anger and hatred. Yet despite the fact that those emotions are so powerful that they can punch a hole from a past life to a current life, the one constant–the one remedy–to dealing with those lesser desirable emotions–is love.

Surfing on Facebook the other day, I came across this:

Reading that reminded me of a desire I held close to my heart regarding past-life loves. In this life, I have been both blessed and cursed to reconnect with two souls I loved deeply in prior lifetimes going as far back as Atlantis.  Our dynamics have changed over the centuries. Rarely have we been the same sex. A few times all three of us were male, but mostly they’ve been male and I’ve been female.  Sometimes one was my father. Sometimes one was my master. Sometimes I was the dominant one. Sometimes we were platonic friends. Sometimes we were friends with benefits. Regardless of what role we were playing or what lessons we were working on, individually or together, we formed a triad in which we “took turns” in terms of which soul would be tasked with the work at hand and which soul(s) would come in as support. But it was always we three, with an extensive cast of characters who came in with us.

I refer to those lives as “blessed” AND “cursed” because our history has indeed been influenced by both, most especially our most recent life in 18th century Virginia. In that life, they were both male and I was female. In our current life, two of us are female and one male. I met one (the female) in 1993 while living outside of Chicago, and the other in 1996 after moving to Charlottesville. In 1995, all three of us were living in Charlottesville and I remember thinking that had to have been divinely orchestrated because none of us were born here. I was born in Chicago, one soul entered a body in Germany, and the other in Virginia Beach. Yet here we were, within miles of each other. Early in our relationship my fondest wish was that the three of us co-exist together, doing the work we were sent here to do. I had visions of the three of us sitting next to a fire, reading, writing or working. We did not have to say a word to each other. Just being together was enough. There was a comfort in it.  A sense of belonging. A purposefulness in reuniting that triad once again. I knew one of them was my twin flame, so it stood to reason we had a similar mission in life. Imagine how purposeful and powerful that would be if we three joined forces.

But that wasn’t meant to be. We circled each other for years, but never, not once, were the three of us together in one place. The two of them would be together, but not with me. I’d be together with one of them, but not the other. And then it would reverse so I’d be together with the other one, but not the one I was with originally.  Two of us remembered vividly what occurred in our last lifetime together, while the other had glimpses but preferred not to go there. Two of us would connect with each other and then be apart for years as we worked on whatever issue we had before us, and then miraculously, when we least expected it, we would reunite again. That’s where we are today. One is outside the circle, while the other two (me being one of them) are connected once more. Still, that underlying, unconditional love ties us one to the other.

As the message I received in my Soul Writing suggests, love that is that deep never leaves us. We carry it with us from one life to another. It is a love unlike any other. It can transcend your biological family, so while you may love your spouse and your children, you may feel love on a whole different level for a past-life love. I have seen this happen time and time again in my regression practice. I wish I had the words to express what that kind of love feels like. But then again, you may already know. You may have experienced a love that transcends all of the hardships you may have endured together in a prior life. It may go dormant during the time you spent apart to work on your own issues before you could come together again. That’s where I am with one soul in particular.

So I think about that saying on Facebook and realize its truth. I have found the most meaningful times in my life–apart from the birth of my children and grandchildren–are those times when by the grace of our Creator (and some clever pre-life planning on our part)–I have had the ability to sit down and talk to my twin soul/soul mate for hours about anything and everything. It is, without doubt, a most gratifying experience.

In this month of love, it is my hope that you find the love of your lives and treasure every moment you are together. Learn from each other as you love one another.