Was T.J. Davis REALLY Thomas Jefferson?

Was T.J. Davis REALLY Thomas Jefferson?

With the publication of my new book, “Edgar Cayce and the Unfulfilled Destiny of Thomas Jefferson Reborn,” I have heard from “other” Thomas Jeffersons about their claim to that lifetime. First I should tell you, T.J. Davis never claimed to have been Thomas Jefferson. This was what Edgar Cayce revealed to him when he was only two days old. In the 8-1/2 years T.J. lived on and off with the Cayce family, there were definitely signs that he was, in fact, the reincarnation of Jefferson. One in particular stood out to me. It happened when he was a freshman in high school and was given a final history exam. Not being a very good student, he knew he couldn’t answer any of the questions. Part of the problem was that he thought the questions were inconsequential and felt his teacher should be asking something more profound. Nonetheless, he knew he would fail if he didn’t do well on this test. Here’s an excerpt from my book in which he tells the story himself!


My teacher had already warned me that if I failed, I’d have to repeat that year and that was the last thing I wanted to do,” he said. “I didn’t want what few friends I had to laugh at me. So I sat there for about five minutes and thought—well, I have to write something. So I opened myself up to the Universe and without realizing it, began writing out the entire Declaration of Independence and the Statute for Religious Freedom for Virginia. I signed about eight signatures, including John Adams and a few other guys I liked from that lifetime. It just came to me, totally out of the blue. It didn’t freak me out because I could do things like that. If I could see colors around people and trees, and then see fairies in the garden, pretty much anything was possible after that.”
He gave the paper to his teacher and said, “That’s all I know about history. You can pass or fail me.”
Looking at the paper, she was furious and told T.J. she had had enough of him, calling his response “ridiculous.” T.J. agreed with her. For him it was ridiculous because no matter how many schools he went to in one year, whenever he attended classes on different subjects, he’d end up saying—“That’s not the way it was.”

“You can’t tell a teacher that’s not how it was and then start talking about Atlantis,” he said. “You can imagine the reputation I had. The other kids didn’t want to be around me.”

After reading his paper, T.J.’s teacher didn’t know what to say, so he was suspended while the staff investigated how he managed to write those two documents word for word. They couldn’t come up with a reasonable explanation because he was sitting in front of his teacher the whole time. She couldn’t very well say he cheated because no one else knew what he was writing, so finally she promoted him to tenth grade.

Being able to write out the Declaration of Independence and the Statute for Religious Freedom for Virginia is no small feat. We’re talking about a massive number of words. expressed exactly as the original.  This then  begs the question–how did T.J. know what to write? The teachers knew he didn’t cheat, so how did they explain it? Obviously, they couldn’t. The fact that he said he opened himself to the Universe tells me he used Soul Writing to do this. I wrote about how you can use Soul Writing to access past-life memories in my second book, Your Soul Remembers.

Individuals I have worked with who truly have been someone famous in a past life, have similar stories to tell. These people are, to a fault, very humble. On the other hand, I also have met people who claim to have been someone famous on the flimsiest of evidence. One woman said she was Patrick Henry because “he liked to talk and so do I.”  Another claimed to be Martha Jefferson because when she went to Williamsburg, she said:  “I had this funny feeling.” It’s these famous wannabes that are most problematic to those who take the study of past lives seriously, as it is this aspect of past life work that gets ridiculed the most. 

It is nearly impossible to “prove” you had been someone famous in a prior life, but some have more evidence than others. In T.J.’s case, I invite you to read the book and decide for yourself. 

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