Regression Helps You See the Forest for the Trees!

Regression Helps You See the Forest for the Trees!

Toward the end of a past-life regression session, I ask my client to review what they just experienced and to share with me any parallels between their current and past lives. I suggest they look at similar behavior patterns, attitudes, relationship issues, etc. This proves problematic for some who insist there is nothing even remotely similar between them and their late, great selves.
Here is a little secret. There is always—ALWAYS—something going on in your current life that had its origins in a past life. It may be difficult to find, but it’s there. Now you may say—but Joanne, I’ve had many, many past lives so how do I know which issue I’m working on from which life? This may sound daunting but remember, when doing a regression, I ask your soul to take you to the lifetime that is most impacting you now. Your soul knows how to cut to the chase and select the life in which something significant happened. This event was recorded as “unfinished business” and in your life-between-lives session, you opted to finish that business in this life. It doesn’t matter how many lives you lived between that one and this one, because it was in that life that you may have done something to someone or someone may have done something to you; where you developed an unhealthy attitude; where you were wounded or developed a chronic illness.  It could also be when you first acquired talents, skills and abilities that are waiting for you to discover in this life. Prodigies are simply individuals who remember how to do something they mastered in a prior life!
An experienced past-life regressionist can be a silent witness by hovering over the scene that the client is re-experiencing and from that vantage point, clearly see the action or reaction of the client to that particular situation. We sigh a small—“oops, there it is!” when this happens, but not wishing to spoon feed the client (after all, what good would THAT do?) we don’t blurt it out. Instead, at the end of the session, we have a conversation in which we gently suggest the client look at a particular incident in that previous life we just explored and compare it to whatever issues they mentioned dealing with in the intake session. “Why do I have a problem with my weight?” “Why can’t I handle money?” “Why don’t I have lasting relationships?” “What is the source of my chronic health condition?” “Why don’t I feel motivated or inspired at my job?” On and on it goes.
Tying the two lives together is why past-life regression is a healing modality. Revisiting our actions in the past helps us to understand what is happening in our current life. Even for someone like me who has explored a particular past life for decades, I continue to see its influence in my life every single day. That understanding—that “aha” moment that so many experience—enables us to finish that unfinished business and go on to lead a healthier, happier life in the here and now.
Want to give it a whirl? Go to my website, read about the various sessions I offer, and then book a regression or soul writing session that resonates with you. I’ll share my birds eye view with you any time!

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