Regression Is Sacred Work–Not A Cult Following

Regression Is Sacred Work–Not A Cult Following

From time to time, I check in on some of the past-life pages on Facebook. Many of them are excellent, like Reincarnation Symposium, as they evoke stimulating conversations about reincarnation that bring about a healthy exchange of ideas and opinions. Recently, I saw a Facebook post hosted by an organization whose founder was a well-known past-life therapist and author. The question raised was whether souls can split and go into multiple bodies. I already addressed this in a previous newsletter article, but to review, I adhere to the position of one soul to one body. This is based on my 30+ years of experience in the field and on my own years of research. As I’ve written, this issue of split souls has come to the forefront for me because one or two individuals have challenged the findings in my book, Edgar Cayce and the Unfulfilled Destiny of Thomas Jefferson, because they either feel that THEY are Thomas Jefferson, or that they contain some aspect of Thomas Jefferson that they share with others who claim to be Thomas Jefferson, or that Thomas Jefferson’s soul is still in spirit and available for channeling! 

But going back to the post I mentioned. When I expressed my opinion in answer to the topic of split souls, my post was immediately removed by the Admin because it did not coincide with the teachings of their founder. This is not the first time I’ve had a post removed. (I know, I’m such a renegade!!) Yet another reincarnation site’s founder removed my post because he negated my work as not being scientific or legitimate because I based my findings on hypnotic regression sessions.

I’m not sharing this because my ego was bruised. I’m sharing it because I found it concerning that in both cases, these individuals or the organizations they  represented, have a sizable following and from what I’ve observed, these sites are dedicated to making sure that those reading their posts adhere only to their philosophy, dismissing anyone who disagrees or offers an alternative viewpoint. This is dangerous for many reasons. Individuals, especially those new to this work, seek out these type of organizations or individuals, thinking they have all the answers about how the universe operates and what is fact or fiction where reincarnation is concerned. To deliberately withhold a secondary viewpoint is to deny their readers of the opportunity to expand their scope of knowledge and make an educated decision for themselves. 

The truth is, there is no one expert about reincarnation. This is one of the reasons that all of my books are based on extensive research projects that collect data, not only from individuals undergoing the regression and who can then tell you their own experiences, but it also includes comments I glean from my extensive library of books written by other past-life professionals, so you get a balanced viewpoint. Even if I don’t agree with something, I still include it because I don’t see my job as focused on converting you or seeing me as the great reincarnation guru. It is to provide what I see as divinely inspired work to help with your soul’s growth. I don’t tell you who you were in a prior life. I don’t do readings. I don’t ever insist that my truth is the only truth. No, it’s up to you to do all the work. I am merely the guide.

My advice to those reading this article is to always remain open minded, do your homework, and come to conclusions that you are led to by your own soul. Learn as much as you can and then go within for answers. Your soul will never lie to you. Neither will your Source. Be discerning and know all answers lie within.