Can Souls Split to Occupy Multiple Bodies?

Can Souls Split to Occupy Multiple Bodies?

You may have heard discussions about parallel lives, i.e. living two different lives at the same time but in different dimensions. Or you may have heard that souls can split off into various strands and each strand occupy a different body. This theory would certainly explain why there are multiple people claiming to have been the same person in a prior lifetime, which is actually the title of the book I’m working on now–Why are there so many Cleopatras?  

I bring this up now because recently I was told there is a book being written by a woman who claims she has been communicating with the soul of Thomas Jefferson through a channeler, implying Jefferson’s soul is in the afterlife. She mentioned contacting Sally Hemings as well–all for the purposes of getting their perspectives on issues the country is facing today. 

She made this announcement after hearing about my next book:  Edgar Cayce and the Unfulfilled Destiny of Thomas Jefferson Reborn. This led to the question of–how could her colleague be channeling Jefferson if the soul of Jefferson has been–and still is–in the body of T.J. Davis, the man I wrote about in my book. Furthermore, T.J. is one of the few living recipients of a life reading by none other than Edgar Cayce. T.J.’s aunt, Gladys Davis who was Cayce’s secretary, brought T.J. to the “man of miracles” for a life reading, when T.J. was just two days old and in such a dire medical condition that he was not expected to live. During that reading, Cayce identified the “entity” as having been both Thomas Jefferson and Alexander the Great in prior lifetimes. I have never known Cayce to be wrong about identifying someone’s past lives and my book provides quite a bit of evidence to support Cayce’s belief that the soul occupying that body was Jefferson’s.

When we think of channeling, we think of giving voice to someone on the other side. So how can you channel a soul that was still in a human body? This is when the issue of “soul strands” came up with the claim that various parts of Jefferson’s soul now occupied several human hosts. I had heard this philosophy before and while I like to think I am open-minded about such things, I felt it had no basis in reality. I called the man that I believe is the real Thomas Jefferson and presented this theory to him. He laughed and stated what I have long believed–it’s one soul to one body. He said, and I also agreed, that it would be impossible to resolve karma if the soul was divided. Which part of the soul carried the karma from the slavery issue, for instance? Which part of the soul takes credit for the Declaration of Independence? Does that mean the soul with the slavery issue component must pay for that karma in this life while the soul with the lofty accomplishment for the Declaration of Independence gets to bask in karmic bliss? 

I will be doing extensive research into this topic for my new Reincarnation Q&A book and will share my findings. Until then, I decided to put the question to those much wiser than me. That response is this month’s Soul Writing message.