Being a Reincarnationist

Being a Reincarnationist

Many years ago, my friend and gifted psychic Betty Riley came to Charlottesville to do a program for the A.R.E. Charlottesville group that I coordinate. The program was on reincarnation, one of Betty’s favorite topics. What stayed with me most was her proclamation that she was a reincarnationist! I had never heard that term before so I was curious what she meant.

Betty went on to explain that whenever someone asked her if she believed in reincarnation, she would reply no, she didn’t “believe” in reincarnation. She was a reincarnationist! Merely believing in something, she explained, means there is room for doubt, as if you had a choice between believing or not believing. The dictionary definition of “belief” is that it is an “opinion or conviction; trust; confidence; faith.” Betty said being a reincarnationist wasn’t a matter of her opinion or trust that reincarnation was a reality. She KNEW it was a reality.

So which are you? Do you discuss the topic of reincarnation openly and with ease? Do you know in the depths of your soul that it’s real, just as you know that you need air to breathe is real? This idea of being so at ease with the topic and talking about it as if it were part of normal, every day life, without missing a beat or hesitating or struggling to find the right politically-correct way to talk about it in mixed company, is something many of us deal with. It is especially true for folks like me who are in the forefront of exploring the transformational and healing benefits of regression therapy.

As if to drive home that point, recently I was honored to be interviewed on a podcast from England. Afterwards, the host complimented me on how naturally I spoke about reincarnation as if there was no doubt in my mind that it was real. She said I did so in a very professional, approachable manner and I was humbled by her assessment of my speaking skills. Yet that statement brought me back to what Betty Riley said, for I knew that I, too, was a reincarnationist. No doubt at all in my mind of the truth of its part in the Universe. 

I think the only way for you to decide whether you are a reincarnationist or not is to actually have a past-life regression. I can tell you from my 30+ years of doing this work that individuals who go into it even with the least bit of skepticism are not skeptics anymore after exploring their own past life.  The vivid reality of the life they are reviewing–its  sights, sounds, smells and emotional charge–enable them to immerse themselves in that time and place once more and any suggestion that it is a figment of their imagination is wiped away. I need not convince them of anything–they discover this on their own.

So if you are on the fence and have not experienced this type of profound soul searching before, I encourage you to consider exploring your own past life–whether in a traditional regression, a regression with soul writing, or a regression with life-between-lives, I know that afterward, you won’t see life the same and you will be, as I am, a reincarnationist.