Getting a Respite

Getting a Respite

If you were to put together a flow-chart of your past lives, you’d quickly learn that the graph does not constantly point upward. One of the common misconceptions about past lives is that if we achieve a level of greatness, there is only one way to go in subsequent lives and that is up. Edgar Cayce knew this was not true and would clarify the trajectory of each soul’s journey when giving a life reading by indicating whether that soul “gained” or “lost” in that lifetime. Even his soul had its ups and down, having experienced the exalted life of Ra Ta, the Egyptian priest, to John Bainbridge, the riverboat gambler. 

In my book, Edgar Cayce and the Unfulfilled Destiny of Thomas Jefferson Reborn, (out this winter) I examine how a soul who had once been Alexander the Great and Thomas Jefferson could return and lead a non-descript life in which nothing of major importance was accomplished. This, despite the fact that Cayce saw greatness for the soul again, if only his parents heeded his advice on how to properly raise that soul. They ignored his advice and thus, that soul that had once had such an enormous impact on the world, was led, as a child, down a very different path. 

It should be noted that many times a “famous” past-life could be followed purposefully by a very ordinary life. A soul that accomplishes a great deal and put in a lot of effort in doing so may want a break–a vacation on planet Earth. On the flip side, a soul that suffers greatly in a past life–one that has tremendous loss in all areas of his or her life, designs the next life to have unbounded happiness, health and prosperity. It’s all about balance. And it’s all about free will. 

Each life is designed around a specific goal. The curriculum we choose for returning to the school we call Earth is intended for us to learn and surpass certain karmic issues and lessons that are preventing us from moving to the next level. If those lessons are particularly painful–physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually–when that life is over, we can opt to create a life that is the polar opposite of the challenging life we just completed, in order to give our soul a breather so to speak. Or it could be as a reward we give ourselves for a job well done. You earned your PhD–now go celebrate!

This issue comes up often in past-life regression. Someone who had a difficult life in the past is now enjoying a beautiful life in the present, or vice-versa. This can be confusing for the novice explorer who believes the soul’s sojourn improves conditions life after life. Yet each soul, while part of the one, is unique in its quest to complete the lessons assigned to it and move on. We learn from each life, no matter what the circumstance. There is a reason for each life–the good, the bad and the ugly. 

So if in the here and now, you’re wondering why you are on the planet at the time of a pandemic, remember, you did it to yourself…again! You decided to be a part of this time and this place for whatever lesson it is providing you or those around you. And if you are enjoying “the good life”–good for you. You deserve it. Who knows? You may have a much more difficult path to walk on in your next life. No matter what circumstances you find yourself in now, it’s only temporary, just as Earth is only our temporary home. Knowing that, live each day to the fullest, with gratitude for all we have and for love in our hearts for all the souls surrounding us.