Why here? Why now?

Why here? Why now?

Whenever I watch a movie about a time when people were dealing with famine, plague, wars and unbelievable cruelty from those in power, I put myself in their place and say a silent prayer of gratitude that I am not dealing with the traumas they faced “back then.” At the same time, I revisit the past-life journeys of the many men and women who have entrusted their soul’s sojourn with me, and more times than not, they have dealt with similar suffering. 

Just within the context of my last research project, I had individuals who were crushed to death during an earthquake or sexually abused and then whipped to death on a southern plantation. I’ve had subjects who witnessed terrible atrocities, including seeing members of their family killed or abducted. Some were beaten to death or poisoned, while others froze to death. All this begs the question, if they designed their life in the life-between-lives period, why did they choose to suffer like that? Why didn’t they just decide to have a pleasant life where they died in their sleep? This is a question that can be applied to our current lives as we make our way through this horrific pandemic. So why are we here now?

In all of my research and years of doing past-life and life-between-lives sessions, I never heard a person say-“I know if I come back during this time period, I will suffer a terrible death.” The reason no one ever says that is because no one knows! We aren’t given a roadmap that says this and this will happen with any certainty in any given life.

We set things in motion when we select our parents, for they are the ones that present us with opportunities to complete our soul’s mission. They are chosen because having them as parents means we will live in a certain country, in a particular region, city or village; that our lifestyle will be grandiose or poor; that we will have to deal with certain family dynamics, etc. Our lives will unfold because of where we are and at what point we are on the earth, but what we do with that set of circumstances is on us. We don’t know in advance what challenges we’ll face. That has to do with free will, a topic I covered in a previous article. A soul can change its trajectory at any given time by making the decision to go in a different direction–to not do something; to live elsewhere; to walk away from a toxic relationship, etc. 

If you’re adept at being a past-life detective, you need only examine your soul’s purpose to get an idea of why you’re here at this particular time in history. In my last research project, I was surprised at how everyone I worked with expressed his or her soul’s purpose as something that would be desperately needed at this time. Here are a few examples.

“To be a teacher of peace.”
“To shine the light on the path in front so others can see they don’t have to be in the darkness.”
“To bring hope and healing to others.” 
“Create a healing community for those around me.”
“To assist those most disenfranchised, lonely and isolated.”
“To help people on the planet through love.”
“To help people living with difficult challenges, especially those going through the dying process.”
“To understand and communicate “why” with joy and inspiration.”

These are just a few of the statements that project volunteers made when asked why they were here, and these were given freely BEFORE they came into physical existence in this life. So on some level, when they were still in spirit, they knew that their mission would be one that would be needed at some point in their current lifetime. Think about what it is we need now more than anything? Isn’t it peace, light, hope, healing, and most of all love?

Remember always that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Earth is not our home. It’s our school. Some of the classes are relatively easy. Others are exceedingly hard. As classmates, we are all in this together. We have somehow all signed up for this difficult class at the same time. How many times in history has that happened? It’s a significant time for our soul’s development, and for the future of mankind and the planet we occasionally inhabit. What we learn will have a significant influence on subsequent lifetimes, so study hard and heed the lessons before you.