Why Now May Be a Good Time for a Regression

Why Now May Be a Good Time for a Regression

For those of us who believe in reincarnation and know that we’ve lived and died many times, our approach to life and death is often different from that of our friends and family. When faced with a life-threatening crisis, almost everyone experiences elevated anxiety levels, but for those who went through a similar threat in a prior lifetime, it can be even more concerning.
Over the years I have had many clients who reported living through or dying in a plague or a natural disaster. The emotions they experienced at that moment in time may still be embedded in their souls, causing them to be much more sensitive to what is happening now.

Seeking a healing modality like a past-life regression is something your soul leads you to do so, so there is no right or wrong time to do so. But there are two reasons you may want to consider one now.

First, past-life regression can identify if you lived through or died during a pandemic or natural disaster and thereby help you to understand your response to what’s happening in the world. If you did experience something similar in a prior life, that karmic residue can be healed and your fears can be transformed into hope.

The second reason a regression can help—especially if you include the life-between-lives segment—is to understand why your soul chose for you to be here now and experience what our world is going through. Aren’t you wondering that already? Why did you choose to be on Earth during this time? Remember, nothing is random. There is purpose in everything. There is a reason you’re here. A life-between-life session will help you understand what that is.

So that being said, I am here if you’d like to explore the past with those questions in mind, or if you’ve wanted to experience a regression but haven’t had time. We can do this through a private on-line session.