Uncovering and Healing Negative Behavior Patterns

Uncovering and Healing Negative Behavior Patterns

One of the most transformative elements in past-life work is identifying and working through negative behavior patterns. The regressions I facilitate include a long session in the middle in which I ask my client to discuss in detail something significant that happened in his/her past life that was having an impact on their current life. This is done for several reasons and why I spend so much time on this portion of the session. I am guiding the person to revisit every aspect of that life, and that specific event, including what led up to it, how it felt emotionally and physically, how they handled it and how did their life change afterwards. For many people, the significant event involves a trauma of some sort–either a physical trauma, the emotional pain of losing a loved one, or initiating a deep-seeded fear they would carry with them for lifetimes to come.

Toward the end of a regression, the issue comes up again when I ask the client to examine their current life in light of what they just found out about their past life, and to identify any similarities in behavior or life experiences. What is it about the you that lived before that’s like the you who are living today? What are the parallels, the behavior patterns that are repeating? This can take some detective work, but the person undergoing the regression doesn’t leave without some understanding of the connection between the two lives.

If we add Soul Writing to the mix, we go even deeper into the root of the condition causing the problem in this life. With Soul Writing, you can pointblank ask Spirit: “Why do I feel this way?” “Why does this keep happening to me?” “What can I do to heal this issue?”

With the Life-Between-Lives Session, we go even further. In these sessions, we identify the karmic issues the soul is bringing forward from a past life into the current life. These issues are discussed with the Council of Elders who help define the karmic attributes–skills, talents and abilities we also bring into this life–and how they can help resolve the karmic issues. With all of that knowledge, the client is able to define their soul’s mission in this life with great clarity and purpose, so they leave the session with an answer to that frequently asked question–why am I here? Finally, they understand why they chose their parents and what role they are playing in this life. And they know which members of their soul family volunteered to come into this life to help them achieve their soul’s purpose by challenging or supporting them.

This information, taken alone, can be puzzling, but when combined with other valuable information, patterns are easily discernible. Once brought to the light, they become the focal point of our healing.