Just a Little R&R

Just a Little R&R

A common misconception among my clients is that the images they will see in a regression will be painful or traumatic. Imagine their surprise when the opposite occurs and they see a lifetime of bliss; one in which they were happy and content. Some are disappointed and ask— “Why did I see this past life? I was hoping for something else.” That “something else” is usually some emotionally charged event that they can then blame for their present life woes. 

So why do some have a pleasant past-life experience, while others recall one filled with physical, emotional, mental or psychological pain? Those answers can be found by examining the choices made in our between-lives state.  It’s there that we review our list of unresolved karmic issues and karmic attributes from prior lives, and then decide how to design our next life in order to resolve those issues or apply those attributes. Those who had to deal with trauma in their last life may opt to take a little vacation and have a peaceful, calm, and to some— a relatively “boring” next life. Think about it. If you had been sexually molested, wrongfully imprisoned, wounded in a war, betrayed by your best friend, etc., wouldn’t you deserve a little R&R? You have the option of designing a life in which you can rest up, enjoy the beauty that is earth, and not deal with anything that would cause you pain and uncertainty. You can just lie back on your floaty and sip a refreshing cocktail as you sail through a life in which the sky is always blue and the sun is always shining. Sooner or later, everyone takes advantage of that perk, so don’t be surprised if it comes up in a regression. Remember—nothing is random! Despite a life’s peaceful nature, there is still an important lesson to be had.

Take the case of a woman I worked with recently. We’ll call her Annie. Her regression took her to an early Native American lifetime which was, by all standards, a beautiful, peaceful existence. Sure, there were a few hiccups along the way, but by and large, she was happy and admitted it was a “good life.” She was especially prized for the creative way she used beads and said her skills were far superior to others.  She loved doing that work almost as much as she did communing with nature.

Annie died when she was in her twenties, and happily so. As she put it: “I felt I didn’t want to be there because there wasn’t anything I felt I needed to do. I was happy, but I didn’t have a purpose; nothing to hold me there. It was just like I was visiting for a little R&R.”

In doing past-life work, I look for what my client has in common with her prior life personality.  If you look closely enough, there usually are clues in the regression to answer the client’s question of why spirit chose to show them this particular lifetime. In Annie’s case, during our intake session, she expressed a fear of retiring, especially because of her concern over her financial stability.  In the regression, her past-life aspect made references to the men in her life—primarily her father and cousin–saying such things as: “He watches over me, like a brother.” “Protector.” “It’s safe when he is there.” In that life, she had that safety net and did not worry about her needs being met. This gave her the freedom to pursue her craft and do the things that brought her joy.

In this life, Annie identified her husband as having been her cousin in that past life. He had been her protector, watched over her and kept her safe. In this life, he is still very supportive of her and has been encouraging her to retire. He is still very much her safety net.

I sensed Annie was a bit confused and somewhat disappointed in the regression portion of our session. However, when it was time to do the soul writing, she learned why spirit had chosen to show her this beautiful, peaceful, happy life. The soul writing, which came to her through me, confirmed that her Native American life was meant to be a respite—tucked between two challenging lives. That was why she did not feel the need to live beyond her twenties. Calling that life one of “simplistic bliss,” the soul writing explained that lifetime was serving as a template of what she could do with the remainder of her life in the here and now. She still possessed the talent to create unique forms of beauty. Her connection to nature is still with her as well. Retirement would give her the gift of time to explore nature. It would also enable her to explore outlets for her creativity that would serve as a means of generating additional income, express herself, make new friends and travel. Spirit encouraged her to embrace and thank her past-life personality for the lessons she imparted as a role model for her life today.

Whether Annie can apply this message to this lifetime is up to her, but it was crystal clear to me why she saw that blissful life. The revelation from that lifetime was every bit as valuable as information she would have received had that been a lifetime of turmoil and trauma. 

It wasn’t surprising that Annie did not want to return to full consciousness after that session because she was loving that past life so much. The lesson for her—and for you—is if a pleasant lifetime comes up in a regression, be grateful for it. If you are going through a rough time in this life, know that you, too, can enjoy a beautiful, pleasant, relaxing life in your next incarnation if that is what you choose to do. Remember, with karma, it’s all good! Life has its ups and downs, but there is meaning in everything. All you need to do is start exploring!