Oh No…Not You Again!!

Oh No…Not You Again!!

In the course of my 30+ years of researching past-life cases, including my own, the one constant I have found is that everyone who experiences a past-life regression ultimately recognizes someone from their past life who is in their current life. They may be a different gender, or playing a different role–like a current daughter who was the mother in a prior life–but their souls are recognizable and individuals acknowledge that sense of eternal connection that is different from other souls they encounter in this life. So, this is happening across the board. But what is also happening is the recognition of one particular past life we are working on now. Each of us has had hundreds of prior lifetimes, but we’re not working on all of them at once. In our pre-life planning session, we decided to bring unresolved issues from one particular past life into the new life we are planning. We did this because we knew that the coming life would give us the ideal circumstances–the right place, the right time, the right family, the right socio-economic background, etc. to deal with those issues.

The predominant past life I am working on now is one that occurred between 1773 and 1835. I first learned of this lifetime in 1987 and I’ve been exploring and healing it ever since. I have had the ability to recognize souls from that life who cross paths with me in this life. More importantly, I recognize issues from that life that are triggered at any given time in this life. Over the years, I have encountered many people from that lifetime–some who deeply loved me, and some who wished me ill with an equal passion. I have returned time and time again to that lifetime to delve into who I was, who was with me, what I did, what was done to me, and what was left undone at the moment of death. It has given me a unique viewpoint of how my life has unfolded in this life, making sense of the insensible and providing me with a perspective that has enabled me to calmly (well sort of!) step back and witness my interactions with these past-life travelers as being the direct result of our interactions from before.

Over the years I have met two individuals in particular who were the central figures in my past life. I was female then. They were both male. (In this life, one opted to return as female, the other is a male again). I have also met individuals who were mentors in that life, as well as friends and family members. Some were incredibly loving; others were incredibly cruel.  Some of them are still in my life, while others have come and gone. When I am with those who recall that past life we shared together, we often slip back into our former roles. I have to be on guard when this happens, because that triggers many of the issues I’m dealing with today. Yet whether I view these souls as friends or foes, I am aware that each played or continues to play an important role in my soul’s growth and that is as it should be. After all, we are all members of the same soul family. We’ve traveled together from lifetime to lifetime and know each other on the most intimate spiritual level possible. They know what I need to work on in order to resolve those past-life issues and move on, and vice-versa, so we all agreed to return again in this life to do just that. Since we are all exercising our free will, things have not always turned out the way I hoped they would. Relationships I had hoped would be deeper have failed to hold together. Individuals with whom I had desired to reconcile with have come and gone without that happening. But still, I can see the pattern and I am aware that we set all of this in motion in our pre-life planning session.

What we do with the opportunities presented to us by each encounter is up to us, but there IS a divine order to every relationship we have and if we step back and view it from the soul’s perspective, it will help us navigate the often chopping waters of our encounters of the soul kind.