Which Regression Session is Right For You?

Which Regression Session is Right For You?

Potential clients often ask me what type of past-life regression experience would best give them the answers they are seeking. Most of their reasons for seeking a regression revolve around understanding why they’re here (i.e. soul’s mission) or why their life is the way it is–looking at issues with relationships, careers, finances, health, etc. that make no sense to them in their conscious state.

I offer four types of regressions, each building on the other. The first is a traditional past-life regression. This 1.5-hour session is designed to take you to the past-life that is most impacting you now. You will revisit that life to uncover your identity, the significant event that is the origin of your present karma, identify members of your soul family who were with you in that life and who came back in this life to assist you in resolving your karmic debt and/or supporting you in your soul’s mission. 

The second option is slightly longer, at around two hours. This is a traditional past-life regression, followed by a soul writing session. If you’ve been reading my newsletters, you’ve seen examples of soul writing in each issue. After the regression session, you remain in an altered state of consciousness. I put a pad of paper on your lap and a pen in your hand and give your soul instruction to provide any information in writing that you did not get in the regression. This often includes the back-story of your previous life–such as information about parents, siblings, or other pertinent facts that weren’t revealed in the regression. It also can offer guidance as to what to do with this information now that you’ve uncovered the whys and hows of that previous life. While you are writing, I am writing with my “friends upstairs” to provide information on your behalf and I share that with you at the conclusion of the session. 

As a third option, I offer a traditional regression followed by a Life-Between-Lives Session. This will take you first to the past-life that is most impacting you now; then return to the here and reverse the years of your current life going through your childhood, your infancy, into the womb, and then back to Spirit where you will revisit your spiritual home; meet your primary guide who will lead you to a counsel of elders where you’ll participate in the planning session for your next life; meet the members of your soul family, including your parents, who will come forward to play a role in this lifetime; select a body; define your soul’s purpose; and be given memory triggers. This session is usually 3 hours. 

The difference between the a traditional past-life regression and a life-between-lives session is that the past-life session explores the origin of the issues you’re dealing with today by enabling you to see and re-experience them as they first occurred. This may be due to something done to you; something you did to someone else; a trauma you experienced; or the origin of a particular skill or talent you’ve brought in with you into this life. The life-between-lives session provides you with an overview of how you and your guides determine which past-life issue(s) you would work on in this life and who would come forward to assist you. 

I also offer a Physical Karma session, which answers the question: “Are physical and mental illnesses the result of karma acquired in a past life, and if so, does uncovering that lifetime lead to healing?  This session includes a body scan to identify areas of sensitivity, discomfort and birthmarks. A past-life regression that focuses on the origin of your chronic illness is next, a healing segment, and ends with a soul writing session to go a little deeper.

All are life-changing tools for healing and soul growth enhancement. Consider what you want to accomplish with the session. What is it you hope to gain when the session concludes? Most people fulfill their desires after only one session. You can, too!