Myths about Reincarnation Continue Today

Myths about Reincarnation Continue Today

Someone recently added me to a Facebook group dedicated to the subject of reincarnation. Under ordinary circumstances, I would have welcomed such a gesture, but as I read the comments that folks on this site posted, I realized how easily mistruths about reincarnation, all based on people’s opinions rather than research or experience, can cause more harm than good.

Those of us who have been in this field for many years, who have studied and done our homework, perhaps conducted independent research projects, went through a rigorous certification process in order to be qualified to conduct regressions, and subsequently worked with hundreds of clients, are well aware when a so-called “fact” about reincarnation is misinterpreted. But for others new to this study, reading opinions not based in actual research or on the consensus of experts in this field, misinformation is often absorbed as truth.

Here are two examples. Someone asked why any soul would choose to come in as part of the LGBT community–as if this were a fate worse than death! The posted response was that these souls really didn’t have a choice because there weren’t enough bodies to go around!!! I am sure that made sense to many readers, but it had no basis in truth.

Another comment had to do with whether we have a choice of where we will be born. The respondent to this question said that old souls have a choice of where they will be born but younger souls do not!! First of all, if you read my column in the last newsletter, there is no such thing as old/young souls–we were all created at the same time! Secondly, the decision of where we will be born has to do with our choice of parents. In selecting our mother and father, we take into consideration the opportunities for growth they, as parents, will give us and some of that has to do with where they are living. The Chicago neighborhood I grew up in created specific challenges for my soul’s growth that I would not have experienced had I lived elsewhere. 

It is essential to remember that misinformation about a topic as critical to our soul’s growth as reincarnation is, can do more harm than good. For those who do not believe in reincarnation, this sort of nonsense is not going to win them over because it makes no sense. Reincarnation DOES make sense because it is based on Universal–not manmade–laws. 

I am grateful for having been added to this site, because reading those posts has reinforced my desire to find a way to educate the public with evidence based on research from credible experts in the field. My advice? When you read or hear something about reincarnation, don’t assume it’s written in stone. Do your own research. Go within and see how it feels–does it ring true or is something a little off? Keep an open mind and you’ll find a deep well of profound truths waiting to expand your perspectives on this eternal conversation.