Why Preconceived Notions Can Derail a Regression

Why Preconceived Notions Can Derail a Regression

One of the questions I ask clients during the intake session is: “Do you have a preconceived notion of what this (a past life regression) is going to be like, based on anything you’ve read or anything anyone has told you?” Most clients say no, and that is actually the answer I’m looking for. Why? Well, there are a few reasons.

Some clients come into a session after having a reading by someone who told them who they were in a prior life. This information is usually incorrect and I warn potential clients to not seek their past-life identities from anyone other than their own souls. Readers, no matter how good they are, will filter information through their own consciousness. It is an enormous responsibility to take into one’s hands the identity of someone else’s past life because by taking away their right to access that information on their own, you may inadvertently plant a seed that could have devastating results.

I have had clients come to me with a preconceived notion of who they were in a prior life based on a reading. They embrace that identity as if it were 100% true and then they won’t budge from it. That is the life they believe they led, even if they didn’t, so coming into a regression, if they don’t see that life, they become extremely disappointed and frustrated. Often, they try to manipulate what they are seeing in the regression so that it fits with the identity they believe is theirs, thus preventing the true prior life from emerging. This does not serve anyone.

Other folks come after reading numerous books on the subject. They’ve read about other people’s past life regressions and believe the same experience will apply to them. It won’t. Each regression is different, depending on the lifetime and the karmic issues that have come along with it. If you go into it expecting a trauma-free life, only to see a life full of hardship and challenges, you may be so focused on “why is this so different from what I thought it would be” that the details from that life and the lesson they provide, will get muffled. The same can be true of someone who is not expecting to see a pleasant life, free of any serious drama. It reminds me of that Peggy Lee song from yesteryear, “Is that all there is?” This can be a disappointment as well, even though that life may have been a reward and a respite from other lives less than a vacation in paradise.

It is best to go into a regression session with absolutely no expectations or advance ideas on what it will be like. An open mind and surrender to what spirit presents are essential elements to a successful session. If your mind is going a mile a minute trying to “make” that lifetime into what you want, other than what it truly was, you’ll miss your opportunity to revisit and examine the karmic issues that you incurred then and brought into this life to resolve and heal. So clear your mind and vow to surrender to whatever images your soul sends your way. Rest assured, it will not send anything you can’t handle!