Feeling Stuck? Blame it on your Past Lives!

Feeling Stuck? Blame it on your Past Lives!

How many of you have felt stuck in this life? You have a sense there is something you’re supposed to be doing, but you either don’t know what that is, or if you do, you don’t have a clue how to do it. You may feel you are a healer and sense that’s what you’re supposed to do in this life, but every time you make an attempt at learning a particular modality to help heal others, or you try to establish yourself as a healer in whatever field attracts you, something happens to prevent you from moving forward. So you stay in neutral gear, rather than going into drive. Some of you just park your souls and don’t even try and move forward. What’s going on here?

For many souls who are stuck, the driving reason is fear. There is a subliminal message that keeps getting played over and over that says–STOP! DANGER AHEAD! I have seen this time and again with individuals who believe they are healers but who can’t seem to take the steps needed to be offering their healing services in this life. Something is stopping them, but they don’t know what it is, let alone how to alleviate it. This fear can be applied to other career or relationship choices. Something blocks their way, like an invisible, gigantic rock that they cannot go over or go around. Where did that blockage come from? The answer lies in a past-life regression.

In a regression, you are taken to the life that is most impacting you today. Now you’ve had many, many past lives, but you aren’t working on issues from all of them. Just one in particular is plaguing you as “unfinished business” from the past. Something came up in that life–whether you did something to someone, or they did something to you–that you decided in your pre-life planning session to work on in this life, because the life you were born into now is ideal for working on issues from that particular past life.

One example that comes up often has to do with would-be healers who are stuck in this life and not able to put into motion their abilities as a healer. When taken back to the lifetime in which this karma first occurred, many find themselves as healers in the past. A common scene is that they see themselves in a forest gathering herbs, but they are constantly looking over their shoulder for fear that someone will see them and report them as a witch–and we all know what the dire results of such a revelation could be. Some of them have already experienced death because of their chosen profession, so when they go to offer it again in this life, that old tape gets played again–the one that says, “If you do this, you will die.” That’s fear at its highest level.

Past-life regressions are designed to take you to the lifetime where this issue first occurred, revisit it again, and then let it go. Often just by identifying the origin of a problem from a past life is enough to release it from having any impact on you in the here and now. Adding forgiveness work, and often the powerful element of Soul Writing, one can dispel that negative recurring message and be free of it, so that you’re no longer stuck. Instead,  you can move forward with ease and determination and go to the next level of your soul’s journey.

If you feel stuck for any reason whatsoever, consider a past-life regression. See what it feels like to be free and productive once more!