What Past-Life Exploration Can Do For You!

What Past-Life Exploration Can Do For You!

I am often asked what good a past-life regression will do. After all, most folks are overwhelmed with what’s happening in the here and now, let alone visit some obscure lifetime that may have occurred centuries ago. The truth is, your current life is the result of all those obscure past lives and they are well worth exploring for the following reasons. They’ll give you a boost by . . .

  • Knowing why you’re here.  Wondering what your soul’s mission is in this life? A regression will help define it.
  • Understanding why you chose your parents and the socio-economic conditions you were born into.  Yes, the selection of your mother and father was your choice, but done so with very specific reasons. You had certain lessons you wanted to learn and you knew having those specific parents and being born into that specific socio-economic environment would enable you to experience those lessons. As Cayce said, nothing is random!
  • Identifying the origin of the karmic issues you are working on in this life. Why are you dealing with the issues you’re dealing with?  You must ask yourself that question from time to time. Why me? Why this? Why them? Those answers can be explored in a past-life regression, which goes to the origin of the issues you’re dealing with. What set them in place? Why are you still dealing with them? What can be done to move on? A regression will clarify that.
  • Understanding why you chose the body you’re in now. Why are you male? Why are you female? Why are you strong? Why are you weak? Why are you dealing with a chronic condition? You made the selection of a male or female body before you were born into this life. A regression will enable you to revisit the body selection room and see what went into your choice!
  • Exploring your soul’s journey over time to identify and end destructive behavioral patterns. Identifying patterns is one of the most fascinating and healing aspects of past-life work. Through regression, you can see what occurred to set that pattern in place and how it has impacted you ever since. It will also give you the “get out of jail” card you need to be free of those patterns once and for all.
  • Identifying the memory triggers that help you remember past-life clues. Do you ever get that deja vu feeling–sensing you’ve been somewhere before, wondering why you like or dislike a particular food, culture, art, part of the world, odors, architecture, music, etc. A lot of that has to do with something that happened in a prior lifetime. Memory triggers are valuable clues to what’s going on in the here and now. Put on your detective cap through a past-life regression.
  • Reclaiming the skills, talents and abilities you earned over many lifetimes.  Karma isn’t good or bad–it’s just cause and effect; reaping what you’ve sown. Many of the positive characteristics you enjoy had their origins in a prior life. Maybe you have a green thumb. Maybe you’re good with numbers. Maybe you’re a craftsman. Maybe you’re a natural-born composer or musician or artist. Maybe you gravitate toward issues of justice and fairness. Maybe you have culinary talents. So many of these positive attributes have been earned in prior lifetimes and are yours to enjoy in any given life. Explore them through past-life regression.
  • Identifying members of your soul family who are in this life with you and the role they’ve opted to play.  You know, souls travel together as a sort of “pod”–a soul family that’s been together since the beginning. We reincarnate lifetime after lifetime together, although we don’t always look the same. We change gender and we change roles from life to life, depending on how we’ve opted to assist others within our pod. Those souls are recognizable to you, especially through a regression. Identifying who they are, who they were, and what role they agreed to play in this life is an invaluable source of information for your soul’s growth.
  • Releasing fear of the death experience.  Knowing you’ve died many times, re-experiencing what it’s like to die, going into the afterlife and planning your next life, is not a frightening experience whatsoever. Going through a regression and revisiting your death in a particular life and then your rebirth in this life helps to alleviate any fear you may have about the dying process.

So what do you say? Have I convinced you about the value of past-life exploration? If so, and if you’re ready to go on your own Magical Mystery Tour, go to my website (joannedimaggio.com) and book one of the several types of past-life regressions I offer. You won’t regret it!