The Role of Free Will

The Role of Free Will

In 1936, famed psychic Edgar Cayce gave a life reading on a two-day old baby boy, identifying two of his past lives as Alexander the Great and Thomas Jefferson. Cayce gave the baby the name Thomas Jefferson, or TJ as they called him. In that reading, Cayce said that TJ’s soul could do for the world what Jefferson had done for this country. That did not come to pass, and the why of it all is the subject of my new book, Edgar Cayce and the Unfulfilled Destiny of Thomas Jefferson Reborn. So that begs the question–was Cayce wrong? The answer is a resounding NO.

Cayce mapped out the possibilities for the life ahead of TJ’s soul, but he made it clear that there were some stipulations. He repeated numerous times that everything depended upon the decisions his parents would make that would either set him on the path Cayce foresaw, or derail him before he even left the station. 

In a letter in which he discussed TJ’s possible future, Cayce wrote: “The information insists that he was Thomas Jefferson, in his last incarnation, and will have much to do with shaping the policies of this land again, – provided of course that he has the proper training in the formative years of his experience here . . .” It’s the “provided of course” part of that sentence that holds the answer as to why that soul never achieved the greatness Cayce predicted. 

Despite Cayce providing a roadmap on how to raise TJ, going so far as to outline the way he was to be educated, TJ’s mother ignored Cayce’s advice. That decision put her son on a different trajectory than Cayce had envisioned. It’s hard to blame TJ for this, as he was only 8 when Cayce died and no longer had the guidance of his beloved mentor. Through his formative post-Cayce years, he was at the mercy of the adults around him who made choices for him. Those choices established a pattern of behavior that ultimately led him to a different lifestyle.

But that’s how this works. In your life-between-lives session, working with the elders who assist you in planning your next life, all the possibilities are presented to you, like savory selections at a buffet table. You can eat of the fruit of your soul’s achievements and focus on the mission you agree to pursue in the next life, or once you are back in a body again, you can choose to go off in a completely different direction. 

One of the biggest benefits of experiencing a life-between-lives session is to explore what those possibilities are, expressed through the Ideal that one brings into the next life. In a life-between-lives session, you are able to explore the past life that is most influencing you today; the unresolved karma from that life you will be working on in the next life; the reason why you chose your parents; what members of your soul family will be coming in to assist you; what IS your soul’s purpose; your karmic attributes that you can use for your highest and best in the next life; why you selected the body you have; and what memory triggers were implanted to assist you in recognizing souls from other lifetimes.

A lot of tools, right? Yes! We come uniquely equipped to achieve our soul’s purpose. But first we have to know what that is and make the conscious decision every day to stay on course. Because whatever happens in the next life–from relationship issues to health issues, finances, talents and abilities, psychological issues, career decisions, etc.–, all result from decisions YOU made at any given point in time. Thus the title of my book…”I Did It To Myself…Again!”

You are the captain of your ship. What choices are you making for your life?