So many people have a longing to find out where they came from, their “tribe” and ancestral answers to questions their family may have asked for decades. That’s why businesses like have skyrocketed in popularity. Members of my own family have participated, finding lost cousins and other distant relatives which, for some reason, helps them feel more connected.

I sit in wonderment when I think about what people want as opposed to what they are getting. As a reincarnation researcher, I know that finding out about my genetic family is immaterial when compared to the value of finding out about my soul’s ancestry. There are a few reasons for this–most of which were expressed in my recent life-between-lives research project.

First, it is very rare that a soul incarnates into the same biological family from one lifetime to the other. So while it may be fun for me to find out more about the Italian ancestors I have in this life, in the bigger picture, that bloodline is meaningless when you consider I’ve also had Native American, French, or African lifetimes to name a few. 

Second, the body is a vehicle that we select to enable us to experience life in the material world, to coin a phrase by George Harrison. In our life-between-lives planning session, not only do we carefully select the family we wish to be born into, but we also select our body. Our decision is based on numerous considerations, including the ability to work on the karmic issues from a prior lifetime that we, along with the Council of Elders, decided we’d tackle in the next life. To do so, we looked for the ideal environment to be born into, and that meant selecting parents that would provide that environment for us.  I knew in selecting my parents that I’d be born on the south side of Chicago and the life I would experience there would trigger the karmic issues I needed to work on. Once my parents were selected, members of my soul family stepped forward and agreed to come in with me and played a vital role in facing those karmic issues. Soul families stick together. They have been with us in prior lifetimes, but not in the same biological family that we have now. We come in together, in a new biological family line, as a particular race in a particular country chosen for our soul’s optimal learning experience. Once the lesson is learned (hopefully), we move on. After this life, we’ll choose another body belonging to a different biological stream. 

So while it can be fascinating to find out where your biological ancestors in this life came from, keep in mind that in the previous life, all of you were somewhere else completely, and in your next life, you’ll all come back somewhere new! Tracing your body’s lineage is fun and I’m not suggesting you don’t do it. I’m just saying…there’s more to your life than your DNA!

Hmmm…wonder if I should start a new business and call it! 

If you’d like to find out more about your soul’s journey, book a Life-Between-Lives session. This three-hour session explores your most relevant past-life, takes you into the afterlife, goes through the karmic review process, enables you to have a conversation with your primary guide, states your soul’s purpose, revisits the selection of your parents, and identifies which members of your soul family have joined you in this life and why.