Dealing With a Karmic Presence from the Past

Dealing With a Karmic Presence from the Past



Have you ever met someone who, on the outside, appears to be a loving person that is well thought of in your community, but who is anything but loving to you and you can’t figure out why?

I have been faced with that dilemma for the last four years.

As a past-life therapist, I am prone to observing relationship issues from a karmic perspective–wondering what may have occurred in the past that is being subconsciously played out in the present. This was no exception.

I have known Laura (not her real name) for many years and whenever I am with her, I feel an overwhelming amount of love and just want to hug her. We have always been cordial to each other when we are in an informal social situation. But a strange thing happens when one or both of us are in a position of authority. Our relationship goes from friendly to antagonistic.

While Laura has not been in a management position over me, I have with her no less than three times. In each instance, I am the coordinator of an organization or center in which she is a participant or member. In each instance, Laura’s behavior toward me has been hostile and disrespectful. She refuses to follow policy and continually negates or undermines my authority and she causes unrest among the other members by gossiping.  This has been painful for me to endure because I don’t know the underlying reason for it. Attempts to sit down and discuss this face-to-face with her have been unsuccessful.

I have taught many participants in my workshops that past-life information is accessible via Soul Writing. After all, if the soul is the storehouse for all past-life information, it makes sense that communicating with that part of you that can access that information is a valuable tool for self-exploration.

Sensing my issue with Laura was karmic in nature, I decided to connect with spirit via Soul Writing to ask about its origin. This is what I received:

“That soul was an adversary in a prior lifetime. She was one who scorned you and kept you from being all you were meant to be. Great jealousy and a sense of competition. Great hypocrisy then–which you attribute to her now. Same energy.”

This only served to confirm what I already suspected. Now it was time to go deeper. I thought to myself, if I were my client what would I advise? And of course, the answer was that I’d suggest a past-life regression to uncover the details. Why was she an adversary? What was the source of the jealousy and sense of competition? What lesson is there in this experience? More importantly, what can be done now to heal this negative karmic energy to create a more peaceful co-existence?

Now that the Soul Writing has revealed the origin, I’m ready to go back in through past-life regression to get those answers.

My purpose for presenting a case from my own life is because I suspect many of you have run into a similar situation. Whether you believe in the power of past-life work or not, I can tell you from my 30+ years of experience in this field that tracing the root cause of an issue can help to resolve it and work toward healing. Then, and only then, will you be truly free to move away from the negativity of the past to a more positive outlook on the present and future.

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